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Great Weekend in WI Sports

This weekend has been craaaazy for Wisconsin sports fans. The kick off to the NLDS baseball has begun and the Milwaukee Brewers are up 2-0 on the series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. In college football news, the Wisconsin Badgers defeated Nebraska Saturday night in a game that had the entire town buzzing. Finally (and the ONLY thing that really matters [cuz I am a StL Cardinals fan, but they aren’t looking so good so we’re not going to discuss it right now]), my Green Bay Packers are off to a 4-0 start (sorry Lori!)!! As you can imagine, lots of game watching happened this weekend.

This morning I drove over to Ben’s for our ritual of breakfast out and then grocery shopping. We’re *so* exciting aren’t we? On my way I drive past this tree, which I have decided I am going to somehow yank up and transplant outside my porch 😀

I’m a wee bit obsessive about the Fall. I love it so much!! I wish it stuck around longer.

Candid snap-shots at breakfast since we haven’t done any in a while:

For our Packer-watching, we decided on vegetarian chili (in pictures):


And some of this was cooked on the side for Ben:

With the Packer game overlapping the Brewer game (and Ben IS a Brewer fan), we set up an extra TV in the living room so we wouldn’t have to flip back and forth and potentially miss stuff:

It’s borderline ridiculous and yet oddly awesome. It’s also crazy how much extra energy it takes to follow 2 things at once. Thank goodness it wasn’t the Cardinals game!

Speaking of the Cardinals, looks like they tied up game 2 so far. Going to plop down on the couch, cross my fingers and toes, and then call it a night.


3 Responses

  1. Go Packers! Woo!!
    And I’m not a Brewers fan, I love me some Cubs. However…. and seriously – I’m glad NO ONE in my family knows of your blog! But I guess I’m coughhappycough to see the Brewers in the playoffs.

    Let’s just keep that between you and me….. and everyone else who reads your blog!

    • I won’t tell anyone! Although I’m not a fan either, it is nice to see them in the playoffs since they never get there. Of course, if both the Cards and Brew advance, then there’s NO WAY I want the Brew to go farther! 🙂

  2. HI Ali. WOW….those fall colors are gorgeous!!!! Have a wonderful week.

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