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Getting into a New Swing

Hey – it’s been a while. My blog has been on my mind a lot but when you aren’t in the habit, it’s harder to sit down and make the time!

I’m unemployed now and am settling into a couple months of anti-stress self medication (ie, extra sleep and long walks outside!) It’s weird, getting into a new normal but I know this won’t last for long. I’ll need to start thinking about a new job pretty soon. Although, not having to go to work isn’t the worst thing – ha ha. The first few weeks were pretty difficult mentally and I was harder on myself then I should have been. Now that the weather has improved and I’m able to get outside and breath in fresh Spring air, I’m feeling much better.

I used to think Fall was my favorite time of year but I’m in love with the rejuvenating aspects of Spring. It can’t be beat! I love the sun, the longer days, the warmer but-not-too-warm temperatures and of course everything flowers.

My little flower garden keeps growing:


and growing:


I made another day trip to Wausau a couple weeks ago and saw massive flooding at one of the public parks. Green Bay hasn’t had anything like this! You can’t event see in the picture below where the street ended and the actual river begins. Insane but really cool to see.


I’ve been spending a lot of time wandering around our local park, collecting Pokemon and just getting out of the house. Lots to see every day!

A kite that’s been stuck in a tree for almost a week…


Pelicans by the dam…


A little friend who pops out to say “hello” every day I walk past his house…


And the biking/walking trail that’s getting increasingly lush and green every single day! ❤


I need to resolve to get blogging more. No excuses. I’ve had so many ideas for this little blog but I’m like a kid whose eyes are bigger than her stomach. 🙂  Hope you are all doing well and enjoying these precious Spring days as much as I am!

2 Responses

  1. Enjoy your time this spring and the nice weather now. Your tulips are beautiful! You must have 2 very good green thumbs!! Stress isn’t good for any of us so continue having good days walking and exploring new things. Keep on blogging!!

  2. I’m glad you are taking time to rejuvenate before getting back to a new job. It’s so important and we all tend to overlook that (myself included).

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