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“I Work Out”

Howdy blog-world! The weather is beautiful today!

I got out for a quick 20min walk around the neighborhood before class. No running, just a nice, brisk pace and a chance to enjoy the Fall weather and colors. Glorious!

One of the things I’ve been working on lately is my breathing. Did you know how important proper breathing is? They have books and even “fitness” DVDs that focus solely on breathing.  While it’s always important and drilled into us to breath when exercising, when lifting weights, when performing Yoga, how often do we stop and take a few minutes for deep breathing throughout the day?

The key is to breathe in strongly through the nose. Focus on drawing the air into your chest and rib cage. You do not want to focus on filling your stomach! If it helps, place your hand over your lungs so you can feel the air fill on each breath. Draw the air in as deep as you can, hold for 2 seconds, and then release through the mouth.

I once heard breathing referred to like this: Imagine a large room. You sweep and dust every week but how often are you cleaning the far corners and wiping down the baseboards? Deep breathing is the “corner of the room dusting”. Oxygen is vital to the care and maintenance of our bodies. So take a moment and breath deeply!

For some more information on breathing, look here. To find a commercial program that helps your breathing, click here

Today I had more steel cut oats with peanut butter for breakfast. It’s quick, warm, and I think going to be eaten often. Hence no picture.

I threw in some Greek yogurt for lunch because I felt I would benefit from the added protein, alongside some fruit and veggies  (eek, sorry for the bad picture quality – it was early 😉 )

And some leftover chili for dinner! Love quick meals when you’re racing out the door!

I mentioned how Ben and I went back to the gym for the first time in MONTHS on Saturday. I hit the weights maybe a little harder than I should (come on, who was I impressing anyway!) and was sore the next day. Happy to report I feel great today and am hoping to get back in for my next set tomorrow after work and before the Cardinals game. The key to anything and any progress is consistency.

Do you know what helps me get motivated? Awesome tunes on my mp3 player. My current fav – don’t judge! – is LMFAO – Sexy and I Know it. It’s such a ridiculous song it makes me laugh every time I hear it. Now I walk around randomly stopping and striking a pose and saying “I work out” in complete tune. Go youtube it now. (EDIT: WHOA – I just looked at the music video and it’s…. terrible) I may or may not now randomly and annoyingly tell Ben in a strange falsetto that “I work out!” Do you have any obnoxious workout songs that are funny to you and help you get your groove on?

But really, you should work out. And breathe, remember to breathe!


2 Responses

  1. I strike a pose a lot randomly and say “Superstar!” It always cracks John up (and me – I kill myself, really).

    Since I was a musician in my earlier life, I actually do really well with breathing because I had to learn how to do it properly. Deep breathing is an amazing instant stress reliever.

  2. Correct breathing can make or break an exercise session. It’s amazing how we take it for granted. If you do any kind of endurance events, it’s one of the first things to control since it’s your signal as to whether you’re pacing yourself correctly.

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