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Onward into October

How is October treating you all?

I started it out in fine fashion by making it back to the gym! Hurray for my end of the year goals! At least I’m starting strong right?

I took Ben along and we did 30min on the ellipticals and then a round on the weight machines. I still need to finish reading the New Rules of Lifting for Women and then try and find a good time to be in the free weight section when it’s not occupied by flexing muscle monkeys!

Check out this tree I spotted on the way home from the gym:

No words really. But when I get a house someday I am adding “plant pretty trees” on the must-have list (right after planting a garden!).

We were planning to meet Ben’s folks around dinnertime since it was Ben’s mom’s birthday, so we made a light lunch grab ahead of time. The special of the day was creamy potato carrot soup. Sounded like a vegetarian winner right?

Wrong, it has tons of tiny bits of ham in it. Boo! Ben, however, said it tasted amazing and devoured his entire bowl, my cup, and his 1/2 sandwich

So I ordered a very healthy slice of carrot cake instead 🙂

We met up with Ben’s parents for pizza. There was horrible lighting inside so I didn’t grab a picture. I had a frosty mug of root beer. I am such a sucker for frosty mugs. I just think they are so much fun. I also shared a vegetarian pizza that had slices of tomato, onion, green olives, green peppers, and more mushrooms than it needed. I picked around the ‘shrooms.

I did snag a picture of Ben walking out of the pizza parlor:

We hightailed it over to The Bar so Ben’s mom could get her birthday mug. Tonight Wisconsin is playing Nebraska (college football) and the place was packed. I’ve never been to a bar when there’s a game going on and the atmosphere (and noise level!!) was out of control.

We left at halftime and now I am back home blogging and thinking about what to make for tomorrow’s football game. The Packers play at 3:15 so I’ll be making dinner instead of the usual Sunday football lunch. Should be fun!


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  1. You have much more fall color than we do right now. I don’t think we will peak for another week or so.

    If you have any questions on New Rules, let me know. I loved that! It took me 6 months to get through all the workouts.

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