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June. Already?

There’s something about the nicest months of the year – time speeds up and weeks feel more like days. It’s a hilarious juxtaposition from my childhood when it felt like Summer lasted for pretty much half of the year. If only.

How was your Memorial Day? We did the usual fun and games starting with the parade Monday morning with my family and following it up with an early cook-out. Bratwurst, an assortment of deli salads, homemade guacamole, and fruit.


There’s something wonderful about eating summery foods in the summertime. You could eat this same plate in January and it just wouldn’t be as good.

The day before all the festivities I had been sitting at the gas station waiting for Ben when I noticed this weird flaky stuff coming into the car. A few minutes later I smelled smoke and by the time Ben returned to the car we could see a large bloom of smoke coming down one of the main roads. Off to investigate.


Turns out it was an apartment building that caught on fire. We arrived and there were a bunch of fire trucks but no one was doing anything, which I thought was odd. It was a good 15 minutes before they started spraying the water. You could see the smoke coming out through the entire length of the complex’s roof line.

The water coming out of the house really ripped apart the roof. It made the roof look like it was made of cardboard or some other flimsy material because of how easily it blew off.


After a while some of the firefighters went inside to check things out. They returned with one of the tenants’ cats.


I have a really hard time with house fires. I remember watching one as a kid and it made a lasting impact. People probably thought I lived here because I was crying and everyone else just looked mildly interested.


I hope all the spectators have renter’s insurance!!

That’s as much as I could watch. It started feeling weird gawking at someone else’s misfortune. If it were me, I wouldn’t want all the people setting up their tripods and video recorders to capture it all for Facebook or whatever. We left.


The news said they were still investigating the cause but that everyone had been out at the time it started and they rescued 4 animals. No injuries, thankfully.

Even though I’m not posting as much (and I need to work on that), life is pretty much the same as any other year. We’re working on transporting rabbits off our property (caught 3 but I spied another one last night, so time to re-bait the traps!!!).


I’ve been out walking more and taking pictures of flowers I like. I lost a few of my new shrubs over the Winter and that was frustrating because of the lost time/money. So now I need to start again.

I definitely want some daffodils like these, but I think the bulbs need to be planted in the Fall… so I’ll have to hold out a bit.


I also like these irises. They have smaller leaves that aren’t as thick and I think they look really pretty.


I probably need to head to a nursery and have them help me. Ideally I’d like to pick things that flower at different times so I have something pretty to look at from early Spring to mid/late Fall.

My front yard garden bed is prepped and waiting! The little columbine I planted last year survived along with some flowers from my flower pot that re-seeded themselves.


But, I REALLY need lily of the valley. I’m just not sure where to plant it where it would get ample shade and how I’d prevent the bunnies from snacking on it all day…


One of me favorite smells!!

Well yesterday was pretty much perfect – the temp was in the mid 70s with a light breeze and low humidity. Sigh. Let’s repeat that for another 3 months, ok? Today it might hit 80 but I’m hoping the humidity is still low. Maybe I can get some more yardwork done. I’ve weeded my vegetable garden THREE times and can’t seem to get it to a spot where I can start planting, so I’m a bit behind there. Maybe I can get one of the beds done today so it can take advantage of the rain that’s supposed to come all weekend? We’ll see.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Just a Little Breather

Hey everyone, I’m back! Since my week off from work was a staycation, I had expected to be blogging daily and doing the usual thing, but then one thing led to another and, in short, there was a small blogging hiatus. But, now the week of vegging about is over, the work week has officially begun, and it’s time to get back to the regularly scheduled programming!

I love Monday holiday weeks. Not only do you get an extra-long weekend, but then the following work week is shorter. Makes me wish we had 4 day work weeks every week!! 🙂

Hailey was outfitted as appropriate for the festivities:

Sunday night we drove down to watch the fireworks with the family. Then yesterday we met up again for the parade. I’m a sucker for parades, just love them! The weather last year was super muggy and hot – and this year was the complete opposite. We all had jackets on and the wind made things colder yet. I remember one year I dressed up as a mascot for the parade and it was over 80 out. I was so wiped after walking in that suit! This year would have been perfect for it.

The Salvation Army kettle was kind enough to pose for me.


And I remember this guy from the parade last year!


Everyone wanted a picture with the Star Wars crew.


There were lots of people who drove their cars but did something to make them more interesting. They had one of those teeny tiny cars and they put a wind-up gear on the back, and then someone fashioned eyes and lips for another car:


One thing different this year, there was a HUGE grouping of tractors. There must have been 2 dozen of them – they kepy coming and coming.


And of course, the honoring of those who have fought for our freedom. ❤


I always tear up a bit when all the soldiers walk past.

The parade was done around 11am so we went home and did a few loads of laundry. I managed to hang the sheets on the line, take them down for a sprinkling, and get them back up and dry before the next rain fell. It was one of those days! 🙂

We showed up back at my family’s for dinner. Mom made ham and cheesy potatoes for Ben. We also had broccoli and pea sprouts, asparagus, and I brought a big pan of shortcake!



We need to finalize our wedding venue this week – I have it narrowed down to two places but am nervous to make a final decision (pros and cons to both places). I also have some fun lawn/garden updates to share this week!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!