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Freezing for Fun

Brr, it’s been a mega-chilly week around these parts. I don’t think it’s just the cold (although there’s been a few days when we were lucky to get into the single digits) but the WIND has been ridiculous. It just rips right through you and you’re chattering and shaking in seconds. Even the short walk across the parking lot into work each day is brutal. I’m wondering why I never purchased remote start for my car.

Ben and I took an abbreviated trip to Kenosha/Racine over the weekend. It was supposed to be two nights with some time baked in for sight-seeing, but I got a last minute call from a dear friend (who was in town from NY) so we cut it short a day. It worked out well though, because we failed to plan ahead and all the local tours and attractions we thought about viewing were full. Everyone must have had the same idea!

We finished up one of our Ingress game banners and then worked on another one down on the Kenosha waterfront. Let me tell you, it looked beautiful but it was absolutely freezing…


(looks like spring doesn’t it? No snow in sight!)

So much of the snow seems to have melted away and it appears like any old Spring day – with grass and all – but we took turns bundling up, grabbing both phones, and dashing out to hit the locations we needed while the other kept the car running and the heated seats on high. The very last place we had to go was way out to a lighthouse on the pier.


After checking my phone battery (84%) I doubly secured my coat hood so it wouldn’t blow off and we scuffled as quickly as we could along the pier. There was absolutely no wind block, poor lighting, and patches of the pier were icy and slick so we stepped carefully. The worst thing was having to pull off our chunky mittens so we could work the phone screens, but we were done quickly and then I suggested to Ben a quick picture while we were at the edge of the pier. I clicked the button and POOF – the screen went black. My battery died from the cold. Ugh!

Scampering back into the cold and shaking with our hands placed over the car heaters, we laughed, plugged my phone in, and decided we needed some food. We checked into our hotel and at the suggestion of the hotel rep, made our way across the street to a local pasta place. Evidently all their pastas are made from scratch and it’s “beyond excellent”.

What was “beyond excellent” for me wasn’t the food at all – but the insane Christmas décor. I have never seen a restaurant so decked out for Christmas. It was amazing.


They had trees decorated with twinkle lights, bulbs, bows and tiny ornaments, strings of lighted garland, a HUGE Santa, and even reindeer flying in the air…


We were seated next to the fireplace, where they had a string of red twinkle lights


We ordered salads and then waited for our main courses to arrive. The salad was pretty basic but there were a few pieces of spinach. The blue cheese dressing was more like just sour cream – not a fan.



Ben is a sucker for any kind of alfredo so it wasn’t a surprise when he selected their chicken & broccoli alfredo pasta.


It was amazing but so rich. I don’t think I could have eaten an entire plate of it. But you could definitely taste the parmesan and cream.

My entrée was a trio of two ravioli, a “small” piece of lasagna, and then half a plate of gnocchi. It looked bare without a sprinkling of cheese on top. Don’t they know this is Wisconsin?? 😉


I have ordered gnocchi several times because I keep thinking that I “should” like it. You know what? I just don’t. I’ve never had it were it wasn’t slightly gummy or rubbery and that’s just not my thing. I ate three and left the rest on my plate.

As we were walking back to our hotel, we spotted a lot of people walking around down by the waterfront again (what? in the cold?). We hopped back into the car to explore only to learn it was a breeding ground for rare Pokémon. There must have been 50 people shaking in their shoes and wandering around catching Pokémon. And then Ben and I did it too because we’re crazy. LOL

On our way back we saw this amazing building next to the civil war museum. I’m not sure why the purple but it was soooo cool!


Our hotel room was amazing. We were at the very back of the building facing the water AND had access to two Ingress portals / Pokémon stops. That meant every 5 minutes we were hacking and getting additional gear. I almost didn’t want to stop to go to sleep. Hee Hee.

The view from our room. There’s a long sidewalk wrapping around the water and then behind it you can see the rows of townhouses. Can’t you imagine living each day with such a view?



Mission Day

We stuck around in Chicago an extra day to work on another banner and to participate in “Mission Day”. Mission days are other coordinated events where you have a pre-determined amount of time to collect between 6 and 18 mission badges. If completed and verified on time, you get another badge. We don’t have any mission day badges yet and figured since we were already down there – we should stay an extra day and play.

Since we had a lot more walking to do and wanted to be able to get on the road before it was too late, we were up early for a family breakfast. A friend of mine recommended Wildberry Bakery which was just a short walk from our hotel. There’s not many restaurants in the area for breakfast (unless you feel like dropping $32 A PERSON on the hotel buffets!!) and despite arriving early – there was a big line. Let me tell you, after walking 20K steps the previous day with a lot of standing, waiting in line was hard work. 🙂

Turns out we arrived in the knick of time and only had to wait about 25 minutes. When they called our table, the lines outside were so big the wait was almost 2 hours. Yes, people were OK waiting that long. Wow! Different city I guess…

The wait was worth it for us though. We were starving and still a little dehydrated so we loaded up on delicious coffee and their specialty breakfast options. Dad and Ben went with the caramel apple pecan French toast.



While the rest of us selected the Signature Berry Bliss pancakes. I want another plate of this right now. It was absolutely incredible! They labeled it as “vanilla anglaise, blackberry coulis, berry mascarpone, and fresh berries”. Oh yeah. I’m a sucker for anything breakfast with berries.


This just might be my favorite breakfast ever. If only I could get this back home. 🙂

After finishing our meal we bundled back up and joined all the players walking around the area collecting our missions. Everyone hits the same locations but it’s friendly because we don’t have to hold locations for our team. It was a much more casual and laid-back atmosphere.


We ran into cell signal issues a couples of times. Skyscrapers are fun to look at but terrible for playing games on your cell phone!

Here’s a funny story – I really liked the Lincoln statue and wanted a picture without dozens of people milling all around. So I made everyone sit and wait… and wait… and wait until I realized you need the people in order to get the correct height perspective. Ha


A lot of walkers everywhere! Plus the crazy noise. Every driver in Chicago utilizes their horn more than their breaks. I’m convinced of this. There weren’t many long, loud horn blasts BUT there was a non-stop tap-tap-tap-tap of all the horns being tapped. No one has any patience, people just randomly stop in the middle of the road (there’s not much parking). There also were homeless people on every curb yelling over and over at people for money, cigarettes, and food. It was bustling and noisy and a LOT of stimulation. Maybe a bit too much for this small-town gal. (Heaven help me if I ever visit NY!)


We had a location stop just outside of the art institute. I guess everyone is still celebrating the Cubs’ World Series win:

068ab(Too funny!)

We finished what we could over the morning and then it was time to scurry back and check out of our hotels, make a bathroom break, and check the parents’ car out of valet parking. Parking in big cities is CRAZY – it was $65/day for my parents to park. Remember yesterday I mentioned how Ben and I went around and around for an hour looking for a parking garage? That was so we’d “only” have to pay $32/day. Holy macaroni.

You pay for the pretty nighttime views I guess?

The skywalk in our hotel. If we’d had more time it would have been fun to just sit there and sip some coffee while watching the people/cars.


We left our car in the cheap (lol) lot and used Mom & Dad’s for letting Matt take breaks from the walking. We were all pretty wiped out but had more trekking to do. I think this was the river they dye green for St Patrick’s Day every year. Would be fun to take a river cruise sometime!


And, as always, Ingress takes us to every random and unique sculpture the city has to offer. I love that.



We only hit 17,000 steps to finish the mission and we logged our names into the system and got out of town before rush hour. I really wanted to sleep on the way home but figured it wouldn’t be fair to Ben to drive the whole way back without any company. I did doze off for about 30 minutes – whoops!

Overall a fun trip with lots of memories. It never fails whenever we play Ingress we run into something unexpected but I love having things to do and making friends from across the country.

Hudson: Home of the Hot-Air Balloons

Happy Thursday! The forecast for Nov 17th is 65 degrees. You heard me, 65! This lady is taking a much-needed lunch break for some fresh air at work today. It’s been such a wonderfully mild Fall. There is a big cold front sweeping in tomorrow afternoon and the temps are supposed to go from the mid-60s down to the high 30s by dinner time. Yikes. That’ll certainly feel like a severe change!

I’ve been feeling bad about my lack of blog activity but sometimes you have to embrace the ebb and flow of life and settle into whatever the new normal is. It’s been a really stressful and challenging time and I haven’t had much interest in doing a lot of things. I come home mentally and physically exhausted and just want to curl up on the couch and read/watch TV. Then I mentally berate myself for neglecting my blog, among many other things. I’m actively working on figuring things out so hopefully this won’t be the norm forever, but bare with me friends.

We’ve been trying to get out of the house a little more lately just for a change of pace and scenery. I’ve needed more away time to not think about work and other stressors and little trips here and there have been a wonderful relief. When we were in MN, I mentioned about the little B&B we stayed at but didn’t finish our last day…

The restaurant attached to the B&B:


While this place wasn’t as great as our Door County experience, I think we’d go back another time if just to explore the city during tourism season. I could see the fringe of activity on main street and I bet the hustle and bustle would be really fun during Summer. It just felt so relaxed and away from everything.

We had time to kill so we sat on chairs in our porch. Pretty view of the marina:



We’re not used to big breakfasts but breakfast wasn’t served until 9am (why??) so by the time we could go and eat, we were hungry! It was a carb-bonanza with caramel rolls, biscuits with sausage gravy, cheesy eggs, and fresh fruit. For homemade rolls though, no one makes them as good as my mother does. 🙂


Back to the room to pack up and head on out! More views from our room:



After the later-than-planned start, we crossed back over the Mississippi river to work on another Ingress banner in Hudson, WI. We had been concerned about cell signal but I really wanted this banner (I love the colors and think it’s so pretty). We were really glad we decided to go for it – so much to see in the town! Hudson is known for being the premiere winter ballooning event and winter festival in the Midwest. Annually more than 40 balloons have flown since 1990.



Ingress usually points you in the direction of historical locations, parks, and various places of interest. It’s an amazing way of learning some of the city’s treasures and this proved the case once more. We started out weaving through various churches and tiny parks before arriving at the local water tower – way up on a walking path with a captivating morning view:


Plus it’s nice to get out a do a little walking here and there while driving around town! We found ourselves at another park with amazing trees and the best view of the entire city. It was completely void of people and I could have stayed there all day.


So pretty!!!!!


Silliness in the park. Because that’s how we roll!


We lucked out with the best weather imaginable and had the windows rolled down and tunes blaring as we weaved through town. One section had us looping down by the Mississippi riverfront and I saw the cutest restaurant with people dining al fresco and 90s music playing. We decided right there to finish the banner and grab a late lunch / early dinner before settling into the drive home.

We got seated on a high table right next to the outdoor bar.


Blackberry margarita for me!


Ben selected the meatloaf sandwich and I had the half turkey sandwich



Really tasty food! I wasn’t that hungry after breakfast and the 1/2 sandwich was the perfect size. The hostess offered to take our picture – can you see the river in the background? I bet it’s a gorgeous walk at night with all the street lights on.


I told Ben I want to move to Hudson. He laughs at me but we both loved the town. It’s close to the Twin Cities and the craziness of big city life to reap those benefits but far enough away to be peaceful and slower-paced.

So that’s it for MN. We had a lot of other banners we wanted to do but they always seem to take longer than we plan (maybe because we stop too much to explore the areas). I’m trying to talk Ben into another trip during Christmas vacation – but we’ll need to wait and see how the weather is that week. I love to plan!

Two Years <3

It’s been two years already! Sometimes you get amazed by how fast the time flies. This past week Ben and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. It feels like we’ve been together both forever and for just a tiny period of time. It’s been a fabulous two years.

I was working feverishly on another intense project at work when the front desk called to notify me of a “delivery”. I was expecting a nice dinner out somewhere but figured he’d pick up a small bouquet on the way home. Instead I got the craziest, most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen:


When they first arrived it was overcast and gloomy outside so the roses actually looked red. I got home gushing to Ben over my dozen red roses and he looked so confused because he had specifically requested a deep pink! Sure enough, the next morning I went into work and yes, they are pink. Ha! I’ve had lots of visitors stop by to sniff them and offer marital congratulations. I don’t think I received this many well-wishes when we got married!! 🙂

Ben did take me out for a quiet dinner. We like to eat out but try and avoid the pricey restaurants and splurge on birthdays and anniversaries. This particular place we haven’t been to since before we were married. Oddly enough, there was only one other couple dining the entire time we were there. There’s a lot of road construction going on downtown so I wonder if that’s keeping people out of the area?


That just means a night of quiet and peaceful dining with my love. Not a bad way to spend a Monday night.

We started off with a variety of restaurant-made breads. Ben opted for the asiago while I tried a piece of the olive and a piece of the cranberry walnut. They were served with finely grated parmesan cheese surrounded by olive oil and balsamic.


My salad had a nice variety of colored tomatoes and good blue cheese dressing.


Our fancy steaks, called the “Black and Tan” (namesake of the restaurant).


I was disappointed with my steak. We both were. When you pay a lot for a tiny piece of meat you want it to be tender and really flavorful. My tenderloin was disappointingly chewy. I don’t think we’ll be back to this place again. It’s so peaceful and pretty to go to – with fun views of the town – but for the quality we’ve found better options. No biggie. That’s how you learn where to dine.

The lovebirds ❤



I swear he gets cuter every day. ❤ ❤

I was so excited ALL DAY for one thing though: my surprise anniversary cake! I called the baker who made our wedding cake and asked if she could whip up a little anniversary cake for us. They are a really nice size and only $15. I selected the buttermilk white with white chocolate filling and an Italian meringue frosting. (One of the flavors we had at our wedding).

When I opened the box up, I saw she had decorated the sides to mimic our actual wedding cake! What a special extra step.


This was such an amazing deal. I bought a single layer basic white cake from a bakery a few months ago and it was $20 with probably half as much cake and no decoration. Last year we went to a local bakery and picked a chocolate cake out together for our anniversary. That cake was good, had some layers, but also over $20. This one was cheaper, tastier, and had FOUR whopping layers. We’ll be eating anniversary cake all week… not that eating good cake is a bad thing. I’ll probably be sad when this is gone and want some more. 🙂


I’m happy to tell you that this year I remembered an actual anniversary card. Yes, I’m the girl who had her first anniversary written everywhere and was counting down until the day-of when she FORGOT all about it. I walked through the door, saw a big bouquet and a card sitting on the table and cringed. Not this year. Not only did Ben get a sweet card but I bought him a new hairbrush too.

Because nothing says “I love you” like a hairbrush, right?

Happy anniversary Ben. I love you.

Not so Laborious Weekend in Pittsburgh

Happy Football Season! It’s way too early for football season but here we are and the days march along. Ben’s settled in on the couch to watch the game and I thought it would be good to catch you up on our fun weekend away from home.

I’ve blogged about it before but we met an amazing couple on our honeymoon a few years ago and feel like we’ve been best friends forever. It’s hard to be away so we’ve tried to get together when we can. They invited us to come to Pittsburgh over Labor Day weekend and we’ve been excited all Summer waiting for the weekend to arrive.

Before I even start tackling the trip, I have this weird/amusing thing to share. Ben and I have been lightly toying with the idea of doing some extensive remodeling in our house (i.e. kitchen, all three bathrooms, the basement, all the flooring up and down stairs, the windows, and the roof). All of these projects come with a giant price tag so we’ve been just window shopping more than anything else. But a couple months ago I found this beautiful kitchen counter top that I loved. It’s terribly pricey so probably not what we’d end up with… but I’m wondering if it’s a good or bad sign that it was used as the decor in the Minneapolis airport bathrooms?


It was EVERYWHERE. They actually had quartz lining the entire back wall of the bathroom stall. CRAZY! I don’t know whether be amused or appalled that my counter tops are in a nasty airport bathroom.

Anyway, we were picked up at the airport on Friday night and after lots of hugs and laughter I made them take me to a sandwich restaurant that one of my co-workers had been raving about to me. He swore up and down these were the BEST sandwiches I would ever have and a true taste of Pittsburgh. Sold!


Primanti Brothers is a sandwich chain known for a classic sandwich with meat, french fries and coleslaw all together. It was a whopper!


It was also horrifically dry…


I’m not sure but I think the combo of the huge dry pieces of Texas toast and the french fries along with not-so-saucy coleslaw made it hard to eat. I ate half my sandwich and even that was rough going. It was a pretty big disappointment after so much hype. Boo

We stayed up way too late that first night (OK every night) but it was wonderful sharing stories and falling into an easy rhythm as if we hadn’t been apart. Ben and I are pretty silly and you don’t often find people who surprise you with equal amounts of silly and crazy – like the random monster interrupting me trying to enjoy my morning cup of coffee.


Matt surprised us with his cooking abilities and made us bacon, egg, and cheese bagels for breakfast. They were delicious. I could probably eat one of these every morning and be a happy camper.


Mostly we spent the first day vegging about. We made a special trip to Moio’s pastry shop where we loaded up on decadent weekend desserts. It’s a good thing we don’t have one of those around here or I’d be in serious trouble.


I was really surprised at how hilly Pittsburgh is. I guess I just assumed I’d see a lot of industrial areas and old abandoned steel manufacturing buildings but nothing especially noteworthy about the terrain. It was crazy! All the new construction is built up on hills. Have you ever seen pictures of Greece with those cute little houses all on top of each other? Imagine that with larger and newer homes and you have the Pittsburgh suburbs. I don’t know how they get up the roads in Winter (that would make me crazy) and my ears popped each time we went out for errands because of all the elevation changes.


I have no idea how you’d bike or go for a leisurely walk around here. the picture doesn’t do justice to how steep some of these neighborhood roads were. They had an Italian ice truck with loud Caribbean music come through and I was wondering how that car dealt with the hills. You can see how low the street behind this picture is, as well as the steps in front of this house in relation to the angle of the truck. And this wasn’t even a really steep section of the road…032

I think the steep hills and roads would negate me from ever moving to that area. Sorry my friends! This gal is used to the flat lands of Wisconsin. I like seeing 3 miles down the highway when I’m driving. lol

We sent the boys out for lunch food and they returned with herb and garlic rotisserie chicken and salad fixings. I made myself a delicious chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette.


After spending most of the day bumming around the house, playing games, and drinking recreations of Mexican cocktails we drank together during past trips, we weren’t in the mood for a large dinner. They took us to a local restaurant with an extensive beer list for Ben. I got a pesto chicken flatbread and swear I took a picture of it… but it’s no where to be found on my phone. I did get this one of my favorite people (sorry for the bad background lighting).


We did take a little meander to downtown Pittsburgh so I’ll try and get those pictures up this weekend. It’s getting late for this lady so time to wrap things up here in blog land.

Tomorrow is Friday! Hurray!

After the Olympics

Good morning everyone. I hope your week is off to a tremendous start! I have been engrossed in the Olympics and now that they are over I feel like I am catching up on all the things I neglected so that I could literally come home, make dinner, prep next-day lunch, and then sit on the couch and veg all evening. Not bad, at all, but highly unproductive!

The Olympic coverage was terrible. I don’t know if it’s always been that way and I just noticed it this time around? It seemed like half of gymnastics was always on so late that I couldn’t stay up to watch it. I wanted to see Mo Farah in the 10,000m and was glued to the screen waiting for the excitement of the moves only have them cut to commercial. Once the coverage resumed, Mo was at the front of the pack. They missed the entire breakaway! Same thing happened watching the marathon. One minute Galen Rupp was tight with the other two lead runners – commercial break – he’s 8 seconds behind. What happened!!?? Argh, so frustrating. I heard a lot of people say NBC was trying to appeal to women and their desire to learn more about the athlete’s stories then see the actual events. Huh? That confuses me.

But I got in a really decent amount of viewing time. Maybe too much. 🙂 I watched Usain Bolt get his three gold medals, I watched way too much swimming (it seemed like it never ended and I actually was yearning for track and field towards the end of those events), I hit the women’s relay, 100m, 400m and 1500m. I watched hurdles, diving, rowing, shot-put, high jump, and the teensy bit of the decathlon that they aired. I saw a meager amount of rhythmic gymnastics, 5 minutes of volleyball, and overall did a good job finding the sports I was interested in and avoiding the ones that weren’t my cup o tea.

We finally found some relief from the heat and humidity and the weekend weather brought much needed rain to our brown and crispy lawn. We’re the only people on the block actively watering our lawn and we also have the most brown lawn of anyone on the block. I am not sure how that happened.

I have been taking Fridays off this month because I need the mental break from work and also because I have way too much PTO and need to burn some. I went down to Wausau to meet my friend Jeff and catch up. It was rainy in the morning but cleared up and was a pretty day.


We found a really amazing new restaurant that used local food ingredients. It was eclectic and had a fun industrial vibe too it. It’s fun to find restaurants that aren’t the typical chains because you get such a different dining experience.



Jeff selected fish tacos with crispy fried avocado on top. Unless I’m starving on an island with nothing but a fishing rod, I don’t see myself becoming a fish eater but I did snag a piece of his avocado. It was absolutely amazing! I’m laughing a little as I write this because it wasn’t so long ago that I wouldn’t be caught dead eating nasty avocado and now I love it. Then again, avocado doesn’t smell like fish. Ha Ha


I chose a crispy “clucker” salad with local chicken with some baby kale and homemade wonton pieces. The chicken was a bit drier than I would have liked but overall the salad was really good.


No Wausau get-together would be complete without a trip to Starbucks. I tried their new iced coconut milk mocha macchiato. It wasn’t my favorite thing. I probably wouldn’t get it again. Starbucks doesn’t like to mix their drinks so you spend a lot of time stirring it around and still end up with a super sweet first sip and a barely sweet final sip.



I’ve been pretty nervous this week because I have a really important all-day meeting today at work. I’m not sleeping the greatest because I’m nervous about how it will go. Fingers crossed! I also had another round of tests with the Dr. It’s such a long and expensive process to figure out what’s wrong. In the meantime I’ve been upping certain vitamins and looking into some other possible remedies.

Time to get going. Did any of you watch the Olympics? What did you think of the coverage and what was your favorite event of the Games?


More Restaurant Week

Ok, I have more fun food pics for you today but first – something that’s been WEIGHING on my mind terribly these past couple of days…

Are you guys watching the Olympics? I’ve been seriously glued to the TV from 6pm till 10pm ish and I’m already exhausted from the lack of sleep. Plus who knows what my house will look like by the end of the week since the coverage sucks up all my evening time. 🙂

Anyway – I NEED to know. Why on earth are the swimmers wearing earrings? You could argue that when they put their caps on it covers their earlobes except that it doesn’t. I’ve seen that on multiple people. This is a sport where fractions of a second are so important that the athletes shave off all of their hair so there’s absolutely the least amount of drag possible. I don’t know about you but chunky studs seem more troublesome than a little dusting of hair on my arm. I’m just saying. I don’t professionally swim (ok I don’t swim) but if I was going to go to great lengths, I’d probably ditch the earrings during the events.

</end of confusion>

Ok the next restaurant I want to show you is another first-time dining experience. We went to one of the restaurants inside a hotel. It’s dressed up like a lodge with lots of pretty woodwork inside.

The service was dismal. Soooo bad. There were just two other tables of people and it took more than 30 minutes for the waitress to take our orders. Then we watched it just sit up on the heating bench for more than 15 minutes after it was prepared before she picked it up and delivered it to us. The whole meal from start to finish was more than 3 hours. Yikes

But the food was good, albeit a little cold. We had wonton mozzarella sticks for our appetizers. Definitely more crunchy – I loved it – but almost deadly. We were dining with friends and a couple of us bit into the sticks and felt sharp jabs from the wrappers.


Cheeseburger with applewood bacon, onion rings and a bourbon BBQ sauce


For dessert we split a chocolate chip cookie pan pie. Mmm


What’s interesting is that this restaurant didn’t event participate in restaurant week this year. I wonder if the feedback was so terrible that they opted out. Weird

The final restaurant is a cute little eclectic spot called A’Bravo. It’s pretty popular so you have to reserve your little table in advance. It’s trendy and has a fun vibe but it also has smaller plates (more tapas style) at premium prices.


Our appetizers weren’t really large enough to share. Ben had a decent portion of bruschetta with basil, tomatoes and a healthy drizzle of balsamic, but my strawberry balsamic crostini were sooooo tiny that they were single bites. Tasty though!


Ben selected a turkey pesto pasta with cranberries and pine nuts. Another small plate for an entrée.


I went with the shaved tenderloin with red onions, Monterey jack, and fire roasted tomatoes on a toasted roll. It ended up being mostly bread, onions, and cheese with not a lot of meat on the half-sandwich sized portion.


Desserts were also majorly tiny but super delicious. Ben selected their triple berry cheesecake while I went for the decadent chocolate fudge cake. Small pieces but enough that we could each sample a bite of both. They were both really good too!


So that’s restaurant week. It’s a week of eating way too much food and gaining several pounds in the middle of summer. Ben says that Appleton has a restaurant week coming up next month – but I’ll have to see if my waistline recovers enough to check that out. 🙂

Ok, time to scoot off to work. Have a great day!