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The Snow is Here

Happy White Monday!

The forecasters were predicting 5-8″ of snow on Sunday so Ben and I had a very productive Saturday racing around getting all of our errands done (turns out everyone else had the same idea – the crowds were insane).

Aside from playing Ingress, Ben and I lightly play Pokemon Go as well – so we made a strategic trip in the hopes of hitting some out-of-the-way gym locations before the snow would make them less desirable for take down.


Pretty day but SO windy. My fingers were aching trying to fidget with the game app. Sometimes I wonder why we do these things. 😉


Won’t be long before all of that water is covered in a thick sheet of ice! In fact, one smaller river we passed on the way home was already icy and there were a few folks ice fishing! But due to the lack of sufficient thickness, they were in hip waiters fishing into their circles of ice. Wouldn’t you think that would be pretty cold?I’m not sure I’d last very long even if I had multiple layers on.

Speaking of layers… Ben’s family had tickets for the Packer game on Sunday so Ben bundled up in his thermals, sweater, jacket, and jersey and ventured to the city bus stop to be shuttled into the game.


We weren’t loving the idea of driving at all in the storm, so it’s great that one of the city shuttles stops by a bar that’s just a few miles down the road. I’m more than a little paranoid about snow driving so I kept checking on Ben to make sure that he was making progress and that the bus (and his car) were making it to where they needed to be.

Handy App:


We’re working on getting caught up with Christmas festivities. I feel a bit behind considering we’re less than TWO WEEKS (what!?) before Christmas. The tree is up and we have lights but no decorations. Ben threw a few things in the room but it’s mostly just boxes up against the wall. Hopefully this week we can get moving on that – then it’s Christmas cards and gift wrapping.


I seem to have bought more less expensive presents this year – so there’s a LOT to wrap. I think everyone has at LEAST three things to open. Why did I do that to myself? Ha Ha! My back hasn’t been doing so well so I’ve been back to the chiropractor and massage therapist to help. Leaning over the table wrapping gifts isn’t great so I’m thinking lots of short bursts to get it all done.

I’m also compiling a list of cookies I want to make. I had a list of 8 different things but now am laughing at myself because I think maybe 4 is more realistic. How do people get all this done? I was marveling at people on Facebook with their pictures of cookie mountains and intricately decorated rooms (and these people have children!). I’m amazed!

The forecast said “bitter cold” tomorrow through Thursday so it looks like we won’t be back into the double digits until the weekend. Yikes! It sure came on fast – I was hoping to be eased into the cold weather a little more. Single digit temps are more common here in Jan/Feb. Maybe that means it’ll be over faster? 😉

Time to check on dinner in the oven. Have a great evening!



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  1. We are going to get some bitter cold temps later this week.

    I play Pokemon Go and a lifesaver are those touch screen gloves at this time of year LOL!

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