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Three Days of Thanksgiving

It’s been raining cats and dogs around here and I’m excited for what is forecasted to be a much nicer day today – with temps back up into the 50s! WOW Wouldn’t that be a fun treat? Now that Thanksgiving has wrapped up, we can all say goodbye to the insane amount of pumpkin spice (I think every food item had a pumpkin spice version this year) and start thinking more about peppermint instead.


While it wasn’t popular, we successfully navigated separate days for Thanksgiving. It was just insane to eat a big meal around 1/1:30 and then another at 5pm. We started the alternating days last year and it worked so well (for Ben and me) but I can tell it’s still a harder sell for some of the family.

This year we spent the actual holiday with my family. I made the usual sweet potato casserole and Ben tried a recipe he found for corn mixed with onions, garlic, bacon, and sour cream. We arrived a little before mealtime to help prep and then to play some board games. I love all the dishes at Thanksgiving and it feels like you can only take a little bite of everything – when you want heaping piles of food – because you know you won’t have room to eat it all. 🙂


We had our “usual” spread – brined turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade stuffing, pumpkin knot rolls, sweet potato casserole, and broccoli for Alex.


We made barely a dent in the overall food (leftovers!!!!) and then Ben and I left to try some black Friday on Thursday shopping. I know, it’s ridiculous. JCPenney opened at THREE on Thanksgiving. THREE. I remember when I thought 8pm was early. Anyway, the last couple of years I’ve gone when they open to snag one of the free $10 coupons. I bring Ben, we each get a coupon, we grab our two pre-planned items, and are out the door 15min later. It’s actually not too bad because we don’t meander around and can get in and out before the crazy lines.

Silly me – I was thinking most people would be home enjoying food with their families, so we got there just 30 minutes before they opened…


It was cold for us standing out there in the wind and I felt sorry for all the underdressed little kids that had to wait. We veered off course a little and snagged some wood wick candles that I’ve wanted but am too cheap to pay full price for (they are really $$$) so it took a little more time but 18 minutes after entering we were headed back outside and all the coupons were gone. Whew!

Our plan was to hit ShopKo next – which didn’t open until 4pm. More waiting around so Ben took me for a loop around Lambeau Field where there are a zillion Ingress/Pokémon Go stops. We loaded up on inventory and then drove to ShopKo just 2 minutes before they were scheduled to open. There are three entrances to ShopKo and you can see the lines for two of them here (I didn’t even get the one entire line in the shot!).


We parked the car just as the back of the line hit the front doors and coasted in with absolutely no wait. Oh yeah! The ad misrepresented one of the items we had planned to get, so instead we loaded up on Keurig K Cup deals and random impulse buys. The check-out line was INSANE but we lucked out and had a lady in the eye care department check us out.

The next stores we were interested in didn’t open until 6 and there was no way we were hanging around that long, so we drove back home for dessert and more family game time.

Mom made an apple pie and then a sweet potato pecan pie too. I’ve never had sweet potato pie before. Have any of you? It looks like pumpkin but has an incredible light and airy texture that’s not overly sweet. It was really, really good.


We left the family around 8:30 and decided (Ok I decided and Ben came along for the ride) to try and brave some more shops thinking that since places opened at 6 and it was much later, most of the crazies were gone. We hit Walmart and that was pretty empty and then went back into the main heart of shopping land to check out BestBuy (picked up one item, saw the line, put the item back and left) and Dicks Sporting Goods (got a bunch of running stuff for Alex, stood in a LONG line, discovered every last thing I picked out WASN’T on sale!!!). What?? Don’t get me started on that one.

We hit a couple other places on Friday along with another trip to JCPenney to return the candle I bought the day before. It wasn’t packaged and when I placed it on the counter it completely shattered the glass. Mom served us up a bunch of leftovers so we didn’t have to do any cooking on Friday, which was awesome.

Saturday we spent over with Ben’s family. I made yeast rolls. I can’t remember the last time I ever made some and I used yeast from Trader Joes that I think had a much different taste to it. I wasn’t really happy with the end result. The taste was off and the texture was not what I wanted it to be. Try again next year! Then we sat and watched the family watch the Badger football game and got all caught up on the news.

We slept in a bit every day over the long weekend and they stayed up a little too late watching the Packer game last night. I’m tired! But I’m hoping I can steal a few minutes over lunch to get outside for a quick walk. If it really is 50 degrees today, I want to make the most of it!!

Have a splendid day!


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  1. John loves sweet potato pie. He made one a couple years ago with a gingerbread crust and it was pretty amazing 😀

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