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I’m on a boat!

Our Ingress escapades continue! Some of you may think this game is pretty dumb/pointless but I love how it gets us out of the house and exploring different areas. So the next banner we wanted to tackle was called “I’m on a Boat” and looped around downtown by the new Vikings Stadium (there’s a statue of a Viking ship nearby – hence the banner title).


We tackled this early Sunday morning, which was smart because there wasn’t as much traffic and we were able to make some faux pas (like driving on the metro tracks) without being in trouble. Can you tell we aren’t big city folk? πŸ˜‰

I did a lot of jumping out of the car and running over to hit locations while Ben would drive around the block and pick me back up. I wandered into a little park just outside the Gold Medal Flour office. Skyscrapers all around and a cute area filled with early morning walkers, joggers, and animals.


Plus interesting sculptures


Our next stop brought us closer to the Mississippi and right in the midst of Oyster Fest (what?). It never fails, whenever we are out tackling a banner we run into bizarre events that prevent us from hitting portals we need to complete our banners! We had our sights set on a Peanuts banner next. There were 18 individual missions – you could complete them in any order because they didn’t need to make a unified picture – and because a few were right in the throes of Oyster Fest, we opted not to pay the entry fee for food we wouldn’t eat and instead just completed 12 of the 18 missions. It still looks pretty cool.


In fact, this might be one of my favorites! πŸ™‚

It was a LOT of walking all over because parking was non-existent and we didn’t want to risk moving our car and hoping to find another spot. So we weaved and ebbed our way all over the area. It was a nice day and we saw some awesome old buildings too.


We were tired and it was well-past lunch when we finished so we drove over to Afton, MN to check into our B&B and then hopped back into the car to check out the Mall of America (lots of driving all over!).

The MoA is pretty excessive and Ben isn’t much for shopping or crowds but it’s something you need to experience if you’re in the area. I took him by the things I thought he would find most interesting – like the Lego shop and the large amusement park at the center of the building. Can you spot Ben on the roller coaster?


Our plan was to window shop and then find a sports bar inside to grab an early dinner and watch the Packer game. As it turns out, sports bars are slim in the building but we found a Mexican restaurant on the top floor that had a decent TV for viewing. Whew!


The Packers were looking dismal so we left at halftime and made our way across the store to find IKEA. Neither of us had ever been in one before and it really was nothing like what I expected.

They funnel you in “S” shapes throughout the floor so you lose your ability to tell where you are in the store and where the actual exit is. After 30 minutes of walking and no actual exit anywhere in sight, I actually started to panic. We’d follow the EXIT sign only to run into another “S” with tons of people. If there’s ever a fire in IKEA, I doubt anyone would make it out alive. Not my thing – it felt really claustrophobic knowing I couldn’t just turn around and head for the doors.

But we took some pics – like Ben with his “tacky” retro kitchen


And I sort of love these chandeliers – if I ever got a dining room for them πŸ™‚


We bought nothing and left as soon as we could spot the exit. Then we were back onto the road navigating to another mission – which we found out was a museum closed for renovations. Boo!

It worked out OK though because by the time we drove all the way back to our B&B, it was dark and we were pretty tired. The evening was crazy warm and they had a restaurant/bar attached with lots of music and torches. We grabbed some beer and root beer and sat outside to enjoy a perfectly bug-free night.



The B&B had a definite old and musty smell but was cute and our room was surprisingly large. We had a whirlpool and a fireplace. I don’t often see a fireplace in a room and I loved it. Such a special extra thing for reading before bed!


Another successful day on the road. It’s fun being away but I always seem to have trouble drinking enough. I hate stopping to use the bathroom so I just stop drinking… and if I do that for a couple of days in a row, it’s not good. We came stocked with bottled water and forced ourselves to keep drinking and I think that helped a lot.



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  1. Sparkly chandeliers – pretty!

    I have not checked out Ingress. I have to admit I play Pokemon Go and compare catches with my niece LOL!

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