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Long Hours, Concerts, and Birthdays

Good morning on a chilly Thursday. Ben and I just got back from a mini vacation away from the crazy work stuff that’s been consuming my every waking moment these past few weeks.  I’ve been under a lot of stress with work and staying until 6:30/7ish each night getting things done. It’s mentally and physically exhausting. I haven’t really been feeling any better physically and I wonder how much is stress versus anything else. So, how do you get rid of stress long enough for it to make a physical difference? Move to a resort in Mexico for 6 months? Ha. Maybe.

So let me recap the last couple of weeks for you: get out of bed, go to work, come home, eat dinner, fall asleep on couch, repeat. 🙂

We did have a fun event last week though. Ben and I went to the “I Love the 90s” concert in town.



They had a bunch of people from the 90s sharing their one or two top hits: Young MC, Tone Loc, Coolio, Salt n Pepa, and Vanilla Ice. I have to admit even being a 90’s music kid, I don’t really remember Tone Loc. I think I missed that part of the 90s. Ha Ha


While the music and acts were enjoyable and took you way, way back in time, I actually thought the vibe of the crowd was what made it so much fun. I can’t remember ever being to a concert where almost everyone was within 10 years of me. Seriously – there were no younger crowds and no older folks – it felt like they pulled every late 20’s to early 40’s person and slapped metallic jackets, high-waist pants, and grunge shirts on them. Hilarious! I didn’t really remember the 90s as having a definite style but there were tons of people in retro clothing and as we watched them march into the center, the familiarity light bulb went on. Ah-Ha! It’s funny how it all comes back.

This past Monday we celebrated my Mom’s birthday. I tried to get her a birthday cake from my favorite baker (who did our anniversary and wedding cake) but she was booked solid. So in a pinch we tried an Appleton bakery instead. The cake was twice as expensive and not *quite* as good but still really tasty.



Happy Birthday mom! ❤

We picked out an almond cake with raspberry filling and a whipped cream frosting. The frosting was really good – it wasn’t that sickly sweet icing that almost crunches when you bite into it. This was smooth and only mildly sweet.


Here’s an odd thing: my new rose bush is STILL in bloom! We’ve had a night or two of frost and yet I’m still getting large, luscious blooms. It’s so exciting to see the plant doing so well.


My last rose bush didn’t make it through the Winter but this guy has quadrupled in size and looks to be thriving. We’ll see.


I think my next new rose will need to be something more fragrant. These flowers smell good but not that super-sweet delicious scent that I love so much. These are more mild – like tea roses.


Hopefully a gentle Winter is on the way so all my new plants will have a chance to strengthen their roots!

It’s supposed to be a high of 51 today. Yikes! The cold wave is coming in. We have the Packer game tonight so we’ll be up late watching that (well, I may fall asleep). Our house needs a good cleaning so I think that’s in store for us this weekend – plus I need to get some posts up to recap our little WI getaway.


Have a wonderful day!



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  1. Anxious to hear about your WI getaway. My husband and I went to the WI Dells this past Sunday until Tuesday. We had a fun time and the weather was warm and beautiful. First time we ate at Sprechers, food was great! High Rock Cafe is very good, too.

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