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Mosquito Hill Nature Center

It’s dark when I wake up, dark when I drive into work, and dark at 7pm. It must be Fall!

We’ve been taking advantage of the cooling temps before we see the late-Fall temperature plummet. Ben and I drove out to New London for another game mission and stopped at the Mosquito Hill Nature Center.


We were super lucky because the weather was amazing and there were, maybe, 3 other people there. Basically we had nature all to ourselves. One of our mission spots required us to trek into a nature path. No biggie, except I was wearing flip flops and there were signs EVERYWHERE about snakes. Gulp


I’m pretty positive if I ran into a 4-6ft snake it wouldn’t matter whether or not it was venomous. I’d lose my mind. This lady is not a fan of reptiles (big or small).

Maybe it was good that there were almost no people around because I picked up two large sticks and starting smacking all over the ground ahead of me so that if there was any snake activity, I’d have time to either A) Jump on top of Ben and probably kill him or B) Make a beeline to the car and shiver in the back seat. I’m sure I looked more than a little nuts. Luckily for us both, no snakes were spotted. Phew!

Ben, however, was totally unbothered by the possibility of snakes. Ben = Badass


I had thought we’d be on this nice open walking path the entire time but then our GPS pointed us up into the actual hill. It started with only a moderate incline but soon got fairly steep and slick and my flip flops were not cutting it. Ben grabbed my phone and went along without me while I whacked and thrashed my way back down.


We emerged from the hill victorious, with zero snake bites but probably at least a dozen mosquito bites. Maybe that’s why they call it Mosquito Hill??


What a pretty day!


We’re planning on a long weekend off later this month and were thinking about heading off into the Western part of the state for some exploring. We need to plan this weekend and figure out PTO and schedules.


Meanwhile at work, all eyes are on Hurricane Matthew. I work for a property casualty insurance company so whenever there’s a big storm looming, everyone is especially interested for increased claims calls and potential field appraiser trips out to assess. Hopefully the storm is lighter than expected and that those in the direct path evacuate to safety!


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  1. Mosquito Hill – at least they call it like it is, I guess LOL! It looks like the perfect day.

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