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Fall Colors, Salted Caramel, and Quiche

Howdy folks,

It’s been a lively weekend around here. We’re making the most of the beautiful weather (high 60s / low 70s, nice breeze and low humidity). This is why I love Fall. It’s short-lived but absolutely refreshing after a hot and sticky summer.

I spent yesterday in Wausau visiting my buddy Jeff. We had planned to stop at the same restaurant we went to last time but they were closed for the day and we had to come up with an alternate plan. Instead we went to the Great Dane Pub for some breakfast-for-lunch.


They make their own root beer here and I’m a sucker for tap root beer so I ordered a glass even though I wasn’t expecting it to go along with my breakfast entree. Sacrifices must be made for deliciousness.


As it turned out, my breakfast was less “breakfast” and more brunch anyway. I ordered a slice of their broccoli, pepper, and tomato quiche and it was served with a side of fruit and a salad. Quiche and salad? Seemed like an odd pairing to me.


No one can say I didn’t get a lot of fruits and veggies yesterday. I was rocking the servings! 🙂

After lunch we walked around a small trail and watched folks putting their kayaks into the water. It was quite the afternoon for kayaking with a slight breeze and zero clouds. We decided we wanted more walking and drove down to one of the main parks in the city. Some of the trees are already turning colors.


Isn’t that just gorgeous? I want to plant one in our yard but I don’t think Ben wants another tree to mow around.


We sauntered about 4 miles while catching up on news. Jeff lives almost 4 hours away so we try and meet in the middle a few times each year. It usually involves lunch, a random shopping excursion and then some type of exercise to counter the long stretches in the car. Oh yeah, and we always end up at Starbucks even though Jeff hates coffee. I don’t know why (why we go there OR why he hates coffee).

I tried their salted caramel mocha frappucino. It was so-so. I think I’m getting less and less excited about new Starbucks flavors lately. Most of the new things I try I just don’t like as well.


I’m still dealing with the random dizziness and low BP and I’ve been talking to a co-worker a bit about trying a little food cleanse to amp up the healthy foods and see if that helps at all. It’s worth a try because the Dr bills keep piling up and there’s no real suggestions other than to drown me in medications and “see if that helps”. No thanks. I’d rather treat the cause and not try and guess based on symptoms.

So more to come! It’s time to get back to some Football watching. My fantasy football team isn’t looking so hot but I’m hoping for a surprise comeback win anyway! 🙂



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