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Two Years <3

It’s been two years already! Sometimes you get amazed by how fast the time flies. This past week Ben and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. It feels like we’ve been together both forever and for just a tiny period of time. It’s been a fabulous two years.

I was working feverishly on another intense project at work when the front desk called to notify me of a “delivery”. I was expecting a nice dinner out somewhere but figured he’d pick up a small bouquet on the way home. Instead I got the craziest, most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen:


When they first arrived it was overcast and gloomy outside so the roses actually looked red. I got home gushing to Ben over my dozen red roses and he looked so confused because he had specifically requested a deep pink! Sure enough, the next morning I went into work and yes, they are pink. Ha! I’ve had lots of visitors stop by to sniff them and offer marital congratulations. I don’t think I received this many well-wishes when we got married!! 🙂

Ben did take me out for a quiet dinner. We like to eat out but try and avoid the pricey restaurants and splurge on birthdays and anniversaries. This particular place we haven’t been to since before we were married. Oddly enough, there was only one other couple dining the entire time we were there. There’s a lot of road construction going on downtown so I wonder if that’s keeping people out of the area?


That just means a night of quiet and peaceful dining with my love. Not a bad way to spend a Monday night.

We started off with a variety of restaurant-made breads. Ben opted for the asiago while I tried a piece of the olive and a piece of the cranberry walnut. They were served with finely grated parmesan cheese surrounded by olive oil and balsamic.


My salad had a nice variety of colored tomatoes and good blue cheese dressing.


Our fancy steaks, called the “Black and Tan” (namesake of the restaurant).


I was disappointed with my steak. We both were. When you pay a lot for a tiny piece of meat you want it to be tender and really flavorful. My tenderloin was disappointingly chewy. I don’t think we’ll be back to this place again. It’s so peaceful and pretty to go to – with fun views of the town – but for the quality we’ve found better options. No biggie. That’s how you learn where to dine.

The lovebirds ❤



I swear he gets cuter every day. ❤ ❤

I was so excited ALL DAY for one thing though: my surprise anniversary cake! I called the baker who made our wedding cake and asked if she could whip up a little anniversary cake for us. They are a really nice size and only $15. I selected the buttermilk white with white chocolate filling and an Italian meringue frosting. (One of the flavors we had at our wedding).

When I opened the box up, I saw she had decorated the sides to mimic our actual wedding cake! What a special extra step.


This was such an amazing deal. I bought a single layer basic white cake from a bakery a few months ago and it was $20 with probably half as much cake and no decoration. Last year we went to a local bakery and picked a chocolate cake out together for our anniversary. That cake was good, had some layers, but also over $20. This one was cheaper, tastier, and had FOUR whopping layers. We’ll be eating anniversary cake all week… not that eating good cake is a bad thing. I’ll probably be sad when this is gone and want some more. 🙂


I’m happy to tell you that this year I remembered an actual anniversary card. Yes, I’m the girl who had her first anniversary written everywhere and was counting down until the day-of when she FORGOT all about it. I walked through the door, saw a big bouquet and a card sitting on the table and cringed. Not this year. Not only did Ben get a sweet card but I bought him a new hairbrush too.

Because nothing says “I love you” like a hairbrush, right?

Happy anniversary Ben. I love you.


3 Responses

  1. Happy 2nd anniversary! (We are having our 20th next week!)

    That cake looks so good. I love the idea of an anniversary cake. It’s so much better to celebrate with a fresh cake, too LOL. I don’t know why they expect you to keep cake in the freezer for the 1st anniversary.

  2. Beautiful roses for your 2nd Anniversary! Yummy looking cake, too!

  3. Aww congrats! We must share the same wedding anniversary! We celebrated our 2nd yesterday. 🙂

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