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Not so Laborious Weekend in Pittsburgh

Happy Football Season! It’s way too early for football season but here we are and the days march along. Ben’s settled in on the couch to watch the game and I thought it would be good to catch you up on our fun weekend away from home.

I’ve blogged about it before but we met an amazing couple on our honeymoon a few years ago and feel like we’ve been best friends forever. It’s hard to be away so we’ve tried to get together when we can. They invited us to come to Pittsburgh over Labor Day weekend and we’ve been excited all Summer waiting for the weekend to arrive.

Before I even start tackling the trip, I have this weird/amusing thing to share. Ben and I have been lightly toying with the idea of doing some extensive remodeling in our house (i.e. kitchen, all three bathrooms, the basement, all the flooring up and down stairs, the windows, and the roof). All of these projects come with a giant price tag so we’ve been just window shopping more than anything else. But a couple months ago I found this beautiful kitchen counter top that I loved. It’s terribly pricey so probably not what we’d end up with… but I’m wondering if it’s a good or bad sign that it was used as the decor in the Minneapolis airport bathrooms?


It was EVERYWHERE. They actually had quartz lining the entire back wall of the bathroom stall. CRAZY! I don’t know whether be amused or appalled that my counter tops are in a nasty airport bathroom.

Anyway, we were picked up at the airport on Friday night and after lots of hugs and laughter I made them take me to a sandwich restaurant that one of my co-workers had been raving about to me. He swore up and down these were the BEST sandwiches I would ever have and a true taste of Pittsburgh. Sold!


Primanti Brothers is a sandwich chain known for a classic sandwich with meat, french fries and coleslaw all together. It was a whopper!


It was also horrifically dry…


I’m not sure but I think the combo of the huge dry pieces of Texas toast and the french fries along with not-so-saucy coleslaw made it hard to eat. I ate half my sandwich and even that was rough going. It was a pretty big disappointment after so much hype. Boo

We stayed up way too late that first night (OK every night) but it was wonderful sharing stories and falling into an easy rhythm as if we hadn’t been apart. Ben and I are pretty silly and you don’t often find people who surprise you with equal amounts of silly and crazy – like the random monster interrupting me trying to enjoy my morning cup of coffee.


Matt surprised us with his cooking abilities and made us bacon, egg, and cheese bagels for breakfast. They were delicious. I could probably eat one of these every morning and be a happy camper.


Mostly we spent the first day vegging about. We made a special trip to Moio’s pastry shop where we loaded up on decadent weekend desserts. It’s a good thing we don’t have one of those around here or I’d be in serious trouble.


I was really surprised at how hilly Pittsburgh is. I guess I just assumed I’d see a lot of industrial areas and old abandoned steel manufacturing buildings but nothing especially noteworthy about the terrain. It was crazy! All the new construction is built up on hills. Have you ever seen pictures of Greece with those cute little houses all on top of each other? Imagine that with larger and newer homes and you have the Pittsburgh suburbs. I don’t know how they get up the roads in Winter (that would make me crazy) and my ears popped each time we went out for errands because of all the elevation changes.


I have no idea how you’d bike or go for a leisurely walk around here. the picture doesn’t do justice to how steep some of these neighborhood roads were. They had an Italian ice truck with loud Caribbean music come through and I was wondering how that car dealt with the hills. You can see how low the street behind this picture is, as well as the steps in front of this house in relation to the angle of the truck. And this wasn’t even a really steep section of the road…032

I think the steep hills and roads would negate me from ever moving to that area. Sorry my friends! This gal is used to the flat lands of Wisconsin. I like seeing 3 miles down the highway when I’m driving. lol

We sent the boys out for lunch food and they returned with herb and garlic rotisserie chicken and salad fixings. I made myself a delicious chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette.


After spending most of the day bumming around the house, playing games, and drinking recreations of Mexican cocktails we drank together during past trips, we weren’t in the mood for a large dinner. They took us to a local restaurant with an extensive beer list for Ben. I got a pesto chicken flatbread and swear I took a picture of it… but it’s no where to be found on my phone. I did get this one of my favorite people (sorry for the bad background lighting).


We did take a little meander to downtown Pittsburgh so I’ll try and get those pictures up this weekend. It’s getting late for this lady so time to wrap things up here in blog land.

Tomorrow is Friday! Hurray!


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