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September Already!?

The start of the area school year began today and it was a chilly 58 on the morning drive into the office. Feast or famine when it comes to the weather around here lately. Meanwhile, I’m spending too much time fascinated by TV shows “Beachfront Bargain Hunters” and “Lakefront Bargain Hunt”. I’m completely convinced that we need to find telecommuting jobs, pack up, and move someplace where the winters aren’t so long and terrible. This summer was sticky and humid and didn’t offer many decent days to be outside. So that leaves me with just Spring and Fall for decent weather and as pretty as those seasons are in NE Wisconsin, it’s making for some pretty dark and depressing months/years.

Now if only I could convince Ben to move…

I promised a picture of my delicious birthday meal. Here she is in all her delectable glory:


It was dynamite. My mom makes the most amazing caprese using raw mozzarella from a local farmer and homegrown tomatoes and peppers. Delicious! She also roasted two pans of root veggies and tried a “quick bag” bread recipe where you toss a few ingredients in a bag, shake it up, let it rest, pour into the pan and cook. It turned out pretty well. It was crusty on the outside and not too dense on the inside. I can’t remember the last time I had a full t-bone steak and it was quite the sight seeing 6 mammoth steaks marinating on the counter. MMMmeat

We were invited to an event party with local people that play our GPS game. It was a potluck filled with grilled corn on homemade herb butter, shredded pork and chicken, cheesy potatoes, tons of chips, cookies, bars and fruit, veggie and taco dip trays. Lots of food. Our host has a small dog named Oliver and when everyone gathered in the living room and sat down, Oliver literally made a mad dash to Ben and leaped up onto his lap. Dogs (ok animals in general) love Ben.


I think I mentioned I was finishing up some baby blankets. We’ve had three friends have babies this year and they all had boys. That meant way too much blue yarn. lol I never used to take pictures of the blankets I made for people and I really wish that I did because some of them were really gorgeous.

Anyway here are the two latest and greatest. This blue and grey one went to little baby Everett:


Up close (I love the ripple texture on this):


And this one went to baby B who is due to arrive on Labor Day (and if so, will share a bday with my brother Alex!):


I have a half-finished purple girls blanket thinking that of the three SOMEONE would have a girl but it got abandoned when I figured out what everyone was having and had to crack down to get them completed in time.

And last but certainly not least, here’s a picture I love of me, my mom, and Matt when we were out playing the GPS game together. It was a BRIGHT and sunny day, can’t you tell? Ha Ha!019a

We have a fun weekend planned. There’s nothing like getting that Monday off of work. It feels absolutely decadent and when you do go back into the office, it feels like Monday instead of Tuesday which helps the week FLY by.

Make it a great day!



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  1. You are so talented with the knitting! Wow!

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