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Low-Key Celebrating

Good morning and happy humid Tuesday.

I celebrated my birthday a little over a week ago and when I woke up this morning it dawned on me that I’m now closer to 40 than I am to 30. Sheesh, well that explains a lot I think!

I took my birthday off of work (a rare occurrence for me) but the day beforehand I was walking back to my desk after a meeting and spotted colorful balloons from my cube mate. 🙂


Nothing like a fun surprise to make it a great day!

But don’t worry, I spent the actual day in style – meaning I slept in for a good two hours. Ha! That’s MY idea of a good day (or maybe I’m just getting old 😉 ).

Ben came home a little early with beautiful flowers…


And then he took me out to the fancy-schmancy steak house in town. It’s probably been three or four years since we’ve been there and despite being a Friday, we arrived early and it was wonderfully quiet. When there’s less noise and chatter you feel so leisurely and relaxed and can just sit and listen to the piped in music. It’s wonderful.



Hot date with a silly smile ❤


We started with assorted homemade breads and delicious salads filled with spinach, pea shoots, cracked black pepper, and creamy blue cheese


Then I had a tenderloin that melted in my mouth. It was absolutely perfect. This is the kind of place where you don’t get a side unless you order one ala carte but you get a serving of kettle chips which I think actually make it look like a cheaper dish. I think they should have left these off.


Ben and I split a side order of cheesy garlic mashed potatoes. Delicious and definitely too much for one person!


We had belated birthday feasting with my family the next day. Mom whipped up full T-bone steaks for each of us (I think people know I like steak – lol). I need to find the picture and put it on here. It was quite a delicious spread of food. Of course no birthday is complete without cake and Mom made me a raspberry cream angel food cake with raspberries straight out of their garden. How fun is that?!


The family bought me some garden trinkets for next year’s season. I’ve been discouraged with how many bugs are out devouring everything in sight and I am excited to try some new gadgets and see if I can tackle the pesky vermin next year. In the meantime, Ben had the fun (and sweaty) job of putting together my new composter! It was more work than planned to put it together (bad instructions).


But he got it all assembled and now I need to read up on how to get it started. I feel terrible when I buy pricey organic produce only to throw it away and having a place to put it so it can be reused makes so much sense to me. Plus I’m hoping some rich soil will lead to better overall garden quality next year.


I’ve never composted and the only people I know who do it just chuck all their leftover produce in a heap somewhere in their backyard and dump leaves and grass on it as well. We treat our grass so I don’t want that dumped into the composter. We’ll have to be careful about how best to mix the “greens” and “browns”. I’ll keep you posted of my progress. it will be fun to see how it goes.

Well it’s time to scurry off to work. I hope you have a wonderful day planned!


2 Responses

  1. Happy belated birthday! You are right – steak with potato chips? Weird.

    I have a homemade compost bin done from an old plastic garbage bin. It has wheels so I can roll it around and I can just tumble it around on its side. The only thing is that I can’t fill it too full or it’s too heavy! I would love one like you have.

    I did get a nice harvest of compost, though. Now I am on the second batch.

  2. Happy birthday. The flowers are gorgeous.

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