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More Restaurant Week

Ok, I have more fun food pics for you today but first – something that’s been WEIGHING on my mind terribly these past couple of days…

Are you guys watching the Olympics? I’ve been seriously glued to the TV from 6pm till 10pm ish and I’m already exhausted from the lack of sleep. Plus who knows what my house will look like by the end of the week since the coverage sucks up all my evening time. 🙂

Anyway – I NEED to know. Why on earth are the swimmers wearing earrings? You could argue that when they put their caps on it covers their earlobes except that it doesn’t. I’ve seen that on multiple people. This is a sport where fractions of a second are so important that the athletes shave off all of their hair so there’s absolutely the least amount of drag possible. I don’t know about you but chunky studs seem more troublesome than a little dusting of hair on my arm. I’m just saying. I don’t professionally swim (ok I don’t swim) but if I was going to go to great lengths, I’d probably ditch the earrings during the events.

</end of confusion>

Ok the next restaurant I want to show you is another first-time dining experience. We went to one of the restaurants inside a hotel. It’s dressed up like a lodge with lots of pretty woodwork inside.

The service was dismal. Soooo bad. There were just two other tables of people and it took more than 30 minutes for the waitress to take our orders. Then we watched it just sit up on the heating bench for more than 15 minutes after it was prepared before she picked it up and delivered it to us. The whole meal from start to finish was more than 3 hours. Yikes

But the food was good, albeit a little cold. We had wonton mozzarella sticks for our appetizers. Definitely more crunchy – I loved it – but almost deadly. We were dining with friends and a couple of us bit into the sticks and felt sharp jabs from the wrappers.


Cheeseburger with applewood bacon, onion rings and a bourbon BBQ sauce


For dessert we split a chocolate chip cookie pan pie. Mmm


What’s interesting is that this restaurant didn’t event participate in restaurant week this year. I wonder if the feedback was so terrible that they opted out. Weird

The final restaurant is a cute little eclectic spot called A’Bravo. It’s pretty popular so you have to reserve your little table in advance. It’s trendy and has a fun vibe but it also has smaller plates (more tapas style) at premium prices.


Our appetizers weren’t really large enough to share. Ben had a decent portion of bruschetta with basil, tomatoes and a healthy drizzle of balsamic, but my strawberry balsamic crostini were sooooo tiny that they were single bites. Tasty though!


Ben selected a turkey pesto pasta with cranberries and pine nuts. Another small plate for an entrée.


I went with the shaved tenderloin with red onions, Monterey jack, and fire roasted tomatoes on a toasted roll. It ended up being mostly bread, onions, and cheese with not a lot of meat on the half-sandwich sized portion.


Desserts were also majorly tiny but super delicious. Ben selected their triple berry cheesecake while I went for the decadent chocolate fudge cake. Small pieces but enough that we could each sample a bite of both. They were both really good too!


So that’s restaurant week. It’s a week of eating way too much food and gaining several pounds in the middle of summer. Ben says that Appleton has a restaurant week coming up next month – but I’ll have to see if my waistline recovers enough to check that out. 🙂

Ok, time to scoot off to work. Have a great day!



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  1. That is a good question about the earrings, but I have no idea why they wear them either. 3 hrs. in a restaurant! My husband would say the portions are way too small. But if the food is good……

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