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Restaurant Week Flashback

Happy Friday!

Is anyone else excited for the opening ceremonies tonight? For some reason I thought they were on last night and I was giddy all day only to be let down hunting through channels not able to find them. #FAIL. It should be an interesting Games for sure and I’m hoping the athletes aren’t jeopardized by the unhealthy / unsafe conditions in Rio. Honestly, I had no idea things were so bad there until stories started to surface about the city’s preparation (or lack thereof) for the Olympics. Sheesh

One of my favorite weeks of the year is something called “Restaurant Week” in Green Bay. Tons of nearby restaurants put together 3 course offerings for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner at various price points ($10, $20, $30) and it’s been a fun way for Ben and me to try out some new places.

As I was looking at pictures from the places we hit this year, I saw I really never posted all the fun eats from last year’s Restaurant Week shenanigans… so here we go!

The first place we went to was an ale house on the outskirts of our town. It was pretty new at the time and I ended up going there for lunch with some of my co-workers. We arrived a little early which worked perfectly because our food arrived quickly (which is important during a mid-week lunch)


My first course was a small side salad.


It was followed with a turkey sandwich on ciabatta bread.


Dessert was a decadent molten chocolate lava cake.


This was DIVINE. I don’t usually eat that much for lunch and we were bursting at the seams but did our best to devour every last morsel of chocolate goodness.


Ben scoured the menu trios and selected Nicky’s Tavern for our first dinner. It’s in one of the older (historic) buildings in the city and they had filet on their $20 dinner menu. You can’t beat that (or the fun lighted trees).

I went with cheesy spinach artichoke dip and Ben selected olive tapenade. It was a little too olive-y for us. Not something we would normally order but this is the time to try new things and get a little adventurous!


Our meals were delicious steaks with unnecessary bread sticks, french fries, and mediocre veggies.


Dessert was pretty good though. Ben let me have a few bites of his carrot cake but I was pretty absorbed in intense chocolate fudgy goodness. Oh chocolate, how I love thee!


Restaurant week is definitely a time of gluttonous eating! We quickly began realizing that this was just too much food and started packing some up and/or just taking the desserts home to eat later.

Another new restaurant for us was a small German place called the Lorelei. Ben’s German and was in love with the vast array of German beers. I could have left him there for days exploring the new suds, lol.


Loreli was a dud. We got soup for our appetizers and they were so incredibly salty we sent them back. Ben tried sauerbraten (first time!) and it was really heavy on the vinegar. Yowza! I had a steal that was pretty dry and bland. Overall ho-hum


We both went with bread pudding for dessert and it was mushy and one-noted. We won’t go back unless Ben just wants to pop in for another Warsteiner beer.


Ben’s calling me… I guess the opening ceremonies are starting. Time to wrap this up! More food coming your way soon. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. That restaurant week looks fun. We have something called Take A Bite, which runs Wednesday during the summer where local restaurants serve small portions of their dishes for $5 or less. You can get a meal and dessert for less than $10 and stroll around outside. It’s fun and you can try places you never have before.

  2. Are you enjoying the Olympics?

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