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The Vacation To-Do List

Hi everyone!

What a great week we had off. I think Ben would admit that he would have liked a little more relaxation in our vacation but neither of us can deny that we accomplished quite a bit.

I made a rather impressive and ambitious list of projects that we’ve been putting off or forgetting because we’re tired/stressed/don’t feel like it. But I didn’t want this past week to fly by without having anything done so we listed out what we wanted to do each day and blended in the play with the work.

I mentioned that one of my projects was to organize the pantry. It’s not a great configuration – it’s dark and hard to see what’s in the back. Plus, it’s just too full and things are falling out (which means stuff gets piled onto the counter).


This is also one of those projects that get worse before it gets better. In order to see what you have, you really need to take everything out. That means piling all over the counters and floor. Big mess!


And then you find things that make you grimace – and laugh too:


Evidently at 4 different times I felt I needed coconut. I threw one bag out, gave one to my mom for her granola, and now have just two bags. Hello more space šŸ˜‰


It looks pretty good now. I have things organized by shelf and all the older stuff is thrown away. It only took me part of two days to finish this. Whoops

The family came over to help with a shrub removal/tree pruning afternoon and we made a TON of headway! I didn’t do a good job (read: forgot) getting before and after photos but I do have one of the lilacs in front of our back porch. They needed a severe trimming because they would be in the way if/when we re-stain the deck but they also were starting to encroach on the walkway into the yard.




Most of the leaves were removed in the pruning process because these guys had to be cut back so far. We just need to do a better job each year of keeping ahead of the crazy growth! A funny thing: I couldn’t believe how much brighter it was in the kitchen once these guys were chopped back. Amazing difference!

Something sweet arrived… (Always a major part of my summer)


We had our well inspected as part of a 5 year town permit requirement. We both had relaxing massages, saw a new movie at the theater, and made it out for Hibachi, and I made it through step one of getting my name changed. We honeymooned right after the wedding so I didn’t want to mess with getting a new passport… then we vacationed in February and I figured it would make sense to just do it all before my birthday this comingĀ month (when my drivers license expires). Of course, I said that knowing I had months to do it and here we are, just a few weeks before I NEED to have it done.

Funny story. I went to the SS office to submit the paperwork to change my name. I combed my hair (which is not mandatory when you’re on vacation) and put on a nice shirt so I could stroll over to the DMV and get my license right away afterwards… I filled out the paperwork wrong and was in the process of filling out another one when the security guard came out and told us there was a bomb threat and they were closing for the day! (Keep in mind, this is at 10:30am) Apparently someone wrote “bomb the system” in spray paint on the building overnight and they thought everything should be closed 90 minutes after they opened. O-kay. Another trip later and I have a new name. I haven’t changed it anywhere else yet – DMV might be this coming week – so I’m taking it in baby steps. Ha ha

The deck stain company is sending us some buckets of new stain. It’ll mean a lot of work to strip the old stuff and start over and I don’t think we’re looking to begin that project soon, but at least we have something to try.

I also had an unexpected trip to the Doctor. Over the past 3 months or so, I’ve been noticing increased random bouts of dizziness. I get lightheaded even when sitting down. Last week Monday I noticed severe weakness in my right hand. It felt like everything was swollen even though it looked fine and I barely had the energy to hold my hand up long enough to scrub my hair. It scared me so I went in to get some blood work done. While I was there the Dr told me that it sounds like I could have the beginning stages of MS. I had a head MRI completed late last week and I’m waiting now on all the results. Oddly, I’m not worried. It’s crazy because I am such a worrier! I’m giving it some prayer, letting it be, and waiting to hear. Heck, I haven’t even researched anything about MS. I’m trying not to get myself worked up if I don’t have to. So, we’ll see what happens soon.

Ben and I also got away from town for two days. I have fun pictures and stories about that trip but it’s getting late so I’ll fill you in on that this week.

It’s thick, hot, and humid this week so we are working on staying cool in the house. I’m not made for this kind of weather. I’m melting already.

Ok, time to get dinner prepped before bed time. good night!



2 Responses

  1. You had a very busy week with projects. I should clean my pantry, too. Thanks for reminding me. Hope you get good news from your doctor.

  2. Sending good thoughts for your tests. Hugs.

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