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Peeking on Through


Hello. I’m home.

What a whirlwind it’s been around here. Spring/Summer is my favorite time to blog because I feel like there’s more interesting stuff to blog about. I keep thinking this insane stint at work will be easing up and then…. WHAM another couple of weeks where my life is chained to a desk. I’ve started writing work reminders on the backs of empty envelopes (I wouldn’t recommend that!). It’s just been a little more than I want right now. Extra office time in the middle of Winter is NBD but in the warmth and sunshine that’s so rare in WI – well that’s crazy!

Sherri – thanks for your blog comment this week. I blog first for myself and second for those of you who are my “online friends” and enjoy reading about my life. Sometimes I forget that people wonder where I am or I take for granted that people assume I am OK. I am; just busier than I’d like to be. But thanks for reaching out. It’s good to be missed ❤

It wouldn’t be my blog without a few pictures of my crab apple trees. They are now long gone but I am playing catch up this next week or two. Plus, I just love the reminder of the fragrance and beauty that only lasts a short time each year.


Check under this crab – we are slowing starting to rip up the dead and ugly shrubs around the house! Let me tell you, this is back breaking work. It took Ben all day to get the one removed that you can see below. He wasn’t impressed. (But I’m impressed with the color – love, love, love that tree!!)


Right now we’re at the tail end of lilac season. We don’t have the thick double lilacs that I grew up with. Instead, we have a thinner variety. I’ve often heard them referred to as “Japanese ornamental lilacs” but I don’t know if that’s really even a thing? My mom has the real deal though and she gave me a large vase for the kitchen table:


Isn’t it funny how the things we remember from childhood are always the best? My ornamental flowers may not be as pretty but they smell just as good and any day that’s been under 80 degrees we’ve had the patio doors wide open so the smell permeates through the house.

Matt’s continuing a slow recovery. We have some mysteries that are still being worked through and continue to have issues with the doctors. Matt’s on a lot of restrictions – including very limited access to people – so we’ve been isolating ourselves quite a bit, watching our temps, and washing our hands constantly. Matt wasn’t able to partake of the Memorial Day festivities 😦 so we planned a big cookout at home instead. I made my wonderful rice dip:


And I put Chef Ben to work trying a recipe for cream cheese chocolate chip cookie bars. I have to tell you, Ben’s turned into quite a fearless guy in the kitchen. He’s experimenting and willing to try different recipes. Thank you Food Network 😉


Ben’s other plan was to make margaritas to go with the cookout. Matt can’t drink alcohol again so we decided to whip his up first and then toss the tequila in for everyone else. We’re not much of a drinking family which I think will help Matt. With so many restrictions I think the hardest is NOT being able to do or eat something everyone else is doing/eating and the fact that we’re a pretty tea-totaling family makes this one thing easier.


Back to Ben’s adventurous culinary ideas: he decided to try a Himalayan salt rim on the margarita glasses. A little lime wedge and Matt’s drink was ready… and WAY too salty!


Ok lesson learned there! We were in stitches. After a quick swipe with the towel and a much finer line of salt, we achieved the desired result. My plate was loaded with rice, mushrooms, dipping ships, tenderloin, and fruit Jello. I could eat this meal every day.


Ben’s cookie bars were a massive hit. We chopped them into bite-sized pieces. It’s a great idea because you’re less likely to keep grabbing more and more and more. I think you tend to eat a larger bar as quickly as a smaller one so this gave time to feel full yet still enjoy the treat AND we had half the plate left after dinner was over. that’s insanity in my family of cookie lovers.


This recipe is a keeper for sure!070

I’ve got bed sheets on the line and I owe my BFF a snail-mail letter, so I need to scram and tackle those things before bed time. I think (Ok, I hope) the end of this weird work schedule thing is coming to a close. Of not, I just need to schedule blog time in so I don’t leave you all for so long. I’m sorry!

Hope your weekend was amazing! Love, Me


2 Responses

  1. Those cookies look amazing! I don’t like salted margaritas. Have you ever tried a sugar rimmed one? I had that once and now request it!

  2. My mouth is watering looking at the pictures of the cookie bars. In fact, all your food for Memorial Day looked delicious. Crab apple trees were beautiful, too!

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