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Moseying Through The Flowers

It’s my favorite time of year. Flower time! When we were in Door County last weekend we got to see some of the early blooms and it REALLY is making me itch to get some shrubs removed and some prettier things put in their place.

I talked all about how fun the B&B was, but when we arrived in Door County we were hungry and in need of a delicious steak. We found a cute place called Alexander’s and walked in right when they opened. Good thing too because when we left the parking lot was completely full (always a good sign of the food, don’t you think?).


If, Ok when we go back, I want to sit in this little alcove area. It was just a tiny room with windows all around so you could look out. I always like to sit by a window but I found myself glancing over to that little room more and more and wishing we were there. Next time!009

We started our meal with delicious salads: a nice assortment of greens, freshly grated carrots, and a garlic balsamic vinaigrette. I still don’t know why salads prepared by other people always taste better than anything I make at home.


And then… my delicious tenderloin. It was buttery, uber tender, perfectly cooked and chock-full of flavor. It was served alongside potatoes au gratin and sliced peppers and beans. Hmm Mmm I could eat this meal every day and never get tired of it. It was that good.


After our tasty meal we decided to go for a walk along the main road in Ephraim to collect some extra steps. It was freezing but we managed a 3 mile saunter with a short wind break in one of the nearby trail roads.


It was quiet and just beautiful. If we hadn’t been so cold we would have kept on going down the trail. It was amazing. The sky was getting dark quickly though so it was good we went back when we did.

About a half mile from our car we walked past one of the frozen ice cream shops. My teeth were chattering and we could really see some darkness brewing overhead. That meant no ice cream for Ali and a faster pace for the rest of the walk.


Turns out we only got a few sprinkles overnight. The real story was the day after. Now, this happened only a week ago which is even more crazy when you consider that yesterday was 80 and today was 83. Wisconsin weather for ya.

But anyway, Ben and I decided to drive all the way up to the tip of the peninsula. As we began the drive, it began to rain. And then snow. Yes. Snow. I know.

We got out at Gill’s Rock for a picture by the water and neither of us have our eyes open plus my hair is doing some 45 degree wind gusting… Ben snapped the picture as quickly as he could and we ran back into the car and cranked up the heat. Yikes.

It rained… then snowed… then rained some more… then cleared for a bit… repeat.

During one of the clear spells we passed this adorable park. I made Ben slow down because I fell in love with their daffodils.


I need these in my yard. Stat. I did a little research and now have a pack of bulbs arriving in the Fall. Yay!!! Can’t wait. I’m a sucker for the creamy yellow color.


One other cool find came as we were winding through some of the back roads in the more rural areas of the peninsula. I remember as a girl taking a walk through one of the state parks and pointing out the gorgeous blanket of 3-petaled white flowers. Mom told me they were trillium and were an endangered flower. I don’t know if it still is endangered but the trip and memory are still there. They were everywhere and so beautiful!


We stopped at a few shops on our way back home and found a wood-fire pizza place overlooking the water. I love the water glasses! You can see where Ephraim is and Gill’s Rock and then the drive back to Sturgeon Bay which tends to be our lunch time stopping city whenever we’re going to Door County just because it’s a nice distance from Green Bay and tends to be a little less congested than some of the other small cities further north.


Delicious thin-crust pizza. And the first time EVER we ordered a size small. We’re trying to be a bit more mindful of eating and knew we didn’t really need anything more than this. Actually, it was the perfect size and we weren’t stuffed like we normally are after a dinner out.


The crab apple trees in my yard are looking incredible. I can smell then from my desk upstairs. It’s so wonderful I can’t even put it into words. There’s something amazing about this time of year. I love the fragrant air. I love the long days. The temps aren’t crazy hot and you have the excitement of the months ahead. Yay!!

Hello Spring. So glad you are here.


4 Responses

  1. I feel the same way about salads. Even if I buy fancy greens, they still don’t taste like a restaurant salad.

  2. I miss seeing you post like you used to. I know life gets hectic but just wanted to let you know. I know it’s personal to ask, but I’m hoping your brother is recovering well from his surgery. He (and your family) are in my prayers.

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