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Our First B&B

Howdy folks.

It’s a beautiful Monday here in NE Wisconsin. The 10-day forecast is looking mighty fine too! Last week I shared how Ben and I were doing a step challenge determined to beat our friends. We worked and worked all week to not be last. Here are the final results:


Victory! I have a small blister on my foot to prove it. That was a LOT of walking. Both Ben and I have desk jobs so our walking is severely limited during the day. We’ve been trying to get out for quick walks during lunch (when the weather and our schedules allow). I was neck and neck with our friends until Thursday when I started to pull ahead of them. Ben enjoyed a cushy lead most of the week. Will we do it again this week? I don’t know, lol

I’ve been a perpetual knot of stress lately so we decided to cash in a gift card I received back in 2014 and enjoy a night in Door County. Our gift card allowed for two nights in a Bed and Breakfast but we decided to just do one night and save the rest for another trip in the Fall.

We’ve never been to a B&B before so I wasn’t sure what to expect – but it was so adorable! The place we stayed at had several matching buildings with different room options (suites, multi-family rooms, etc…) but we were in the main house with the “true” B&B. Upon check-in there was a plate of Door County cherry bars to nibble on. Yes. Please.


Our actual bedroom (which I failed somehow to take a picture of) was itty bitty and I think Ben balked a little when he saw the 15″ TV tucked into the corner of the room. These rooms are definitely not meant to stay in – forcing people to enjoy the other rooms and get more of the B&B feel I think.

We dropped off our bags and walked around to check out the common areas. They had a small indoor pool with a whirlpool and sauna. I didn’t think to check ahead of time so we didn’t bring our suits but we’ll definitely pack them when we return.


There was a nice sized exercise room that was just off of the pool too. The pool area was really warm and all the guest towels were fluffy and warm to the touch. 🙂


Just outside our room was a little seating area.It was filled with all kinds of antiques and the tables were studded with interesting local items you could purchase. There was also a huge window where you could look into the breakfast parlor


Normally I’m not a wallpaper fan but this suited the room really well. They had lovely music piped throughout the rooms and it had this charming, relaxed vibe to it.


We continued back into another seating room with a wall filled with books and puzzles as well as a fireplace.


Fun antiques:


I immediately was drawn to the puzzle already laid out on a puzzle table. I was thinking that would be a fun way to spend the evening – until I got a closer look at the puzzle:


That is evil. I wonder how many years it would take before someone actually finishes this! It looked really hard.

It was cold and rainy outside so Ben requested a fire and we plopped down and enjoyed some quiet time. We both had new books to read and we stopped earlier at a gas station for some beverages. With the soft music and the nice crack and pop of the fire, it was a perfect evening.


Our room had a little whirlpool bathtub and I left Ben to enjoy the crackling fire so I could soak my poor feet after all those steps. I’m not sure it’s practical at all but now if we ever get around to re-doing the main bathroom in our house, I want a whirlpool tub! 🙂

My only complaint with the room was that the bed wasn’t very comfortable and we could hear the tapping of shoes on the wood floor above us. Luckily, it seemed like everyone retired around the same time so it wasn’t a big deal (they did have really pretty wood floors too. I just loved them.).


They served breakfast at 8am and we were the first people down and ready to feast. They had homemade cherry granola loaded with pecans and coconut along with cheerios and corn flakes. Beverage choices were orange juice, milk, coffee and cherry cider.


Once we sat down we were presented with two thick slices of their crumb cake. It was sweet with ample cinnamon and powdered sugar on top and utterly delicious with our local coffee.


I wanted to try a little of everything and snagged of piece of the warm cherry stuff french toast, a scoop of the cherry granola with yogurt, and a few pieces of fruit.


Definitely not a low-cal breakfast but it was all so wonderful! the granola was perfectly chewy and packed with flavor and the french toast was incredible. I could go for another breakfast like that right now.

A funny story: as we were eating and raving over the unique food offering (probably what makes B&Bs so fun, right?) another young couple came in and the girl selected…

wait for it…

just orange juice and a bowl of corn flakes. Seriously, I just can’t. WHY!??? lol

Another cute thing about this place was that you could pick up recipe cards for some of the afternoon treats they would serve their guests. We snagged a few just in case we feel like trying one some day.


I can’t tell you how wonderful and relaxing that day away was. We left right after Ben got home on Friday and enjoyed 24 hours on a super chilly day away from home. I can’t wait to go back again.




4 Responses

  1. What an awesome B&B! I love staying at those. The experience is just so much more than a hotel and often times the price is really comparable.

    • I agree, it was really fun. The price in the tourist areas tend to be a bit pricey but comparing that to the hotels in the area, it was pretty close (and you get a nice breakfast)

  2. Once my husband & I went to a B&B we were hooked. It is so relaxing. Door County is beautiful too.

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