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Stepping up a Notch

Hello walking!

I’m taking my first substantial break of the week to sit down and tell you guys what’s up in Ali Blog-land. I mentioned a while back how Ben and I received FitBits for Christmas and how we have several friends who like to challenge us to weekly step matches. More often than not (ok, maybe 19 out of the last 20 times) our friends have beaten us. I’m not too proud to hide that it wasn’t even close. We were walloped. Utterly and completely demolished. We just don’t move enough. Ben woke up Monday morning and saw his phone blink with the alert that our friends had once again challenged us. I’m still not sure exactly what happened but Ben looked at me and said “they’re not beating either of us this time”. And so the week of stepping began…

A “normal” work day for us consists of anywhere from 2500-4500 steps. If it’s nice and I can squeak in a quick lunchtime walk then I might end up around the 6500 mark. Our friends, on the other hand, average around 8-10,000 steps daily. So yes, not even close.

A little perspective here, if you look at my FitBit graph you can see the awe-inspiring 20,000 steps. Yes, that’s for an entire week. Last week Ben and I challenged one another to hit 5,000 steps every single day and I found on most days we were substantially higher. Quite the difference from 20K to 50K in steps.


But this week we’re taking on friends who average 45-60,000 steps in a week. Monday was gorgeous so we both went out for walks during lunch and then went for a walk together just before dinner. It was rainy and cold yesterday but I walked laps in the parking lot at work while it drizzled down rain on me. When I got home I heard the not-so-familiar sound of the treadmill in the basement. Ha!

Ben ate dinner, and then walked around the room while we finished our TV show.

Then we turned on the radio and spent an hour doing laps around the main floor of our house.

Yes, we are crazy.

But it’s working so far because we’re out to an early lead. Ben hit 20,000 steps (first time ever for him) yesterday. What’s annoying/surprising is that our friends have really upped their game plan to keep us from winning. I think they could let us have one victory, don’t you?? 😉

Here’s my steps so far:


The challenge goes Monday-Friday so I’m sitting a little over 41K steps in the challenge so far. With Ben’s amazing 20K day yesterday, he’s over 48,000. Our friends are nipping at our heels with 36 and 39K steps. It’s a tight race. And I’m TIRED. Ha

Some fun plant news is that my tulips are up and looking so beautiful! We have had rabbits around but so far they’ve seemed to leave this bed alone. I hope it stays that way because they are so fragrant and glorious! I think this is the best they’ve looked so far.


I still have some “mystery” things that could be flower or foe and once we remove the shrubs around the bed and expand it, then I’m going to look at thinning things out a little so the flowers have more breathing room. Plus I have a weird “dead zone” in the front of the bed… Not sure what was supposed to be blooming there.



We have started some yard work. Ben tackled the removal of the first shrub! It was a lot of work and we were careful not to let it injure his back.



This guy was flanking the right front of the house and was completely brown and dead. The roots, however, were well established and hard to cut through. But victory was ours in the end. I am not sure we’ll really be able to handle removing all the shrubs we want gone but every bit we can do on our own will save some money. The quotes we’ve received for removing some (not all) of the shrubs we want gone were almost $500. Yikes. So we’re taking this one at a time and although we have some pretty gnarly looking holes in the front of the house right now, I’m glad we’re getting going. Time to get to some nurseries to find out what to plant in those holes!!

Well folks, it’s almost 8 o’clock and Ben says we need a few more thousand steps before we can call it a day. Sheesh! So I’m off stepping. Wish us luck this week.

We will be victorious!!


3 Responses

  1. Good luck with your steps! You are so fortunate to be able to do this much walking/stepping. I wish I was able to walk like you 2 are doing, but my circulation in my feet and legs are so poor.

    • Aww Joanne, I feel for you. It’s frustrating when your body doesn’t let you do the things you want to do. What’s the root cause of the bad circulation?

      • Vascular and diabetes. I can walk but not for long distances or a long amount of time. The toes on my rt. foot were amputated about 1 1/2 years ago. I do have the neuropathy pain all the time, but things could be worse. Enjoy your good health and activities!

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