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One Day of Summer

Summer is here a full season early and there is NO complaining in this city! I’m not sure what happened but we went from 50s and windy weather to one day where it hit 80 degrees.

I was ecstatic that the best day of the year (so far) fell on a Friday because I have shorter work days. I’ve been working crazy-long days for the last two-ish months but as soon as the clock hit the usual Friday quitting time, I was out the door to enjoy much needed sunshine.


I texted my smiling pic to Ben and immediately got one back – he was enjoying an early lunchtime walk! This whole past week has been pretty decent for walking weather. We like it a little cooler so we’re not sweaty when we head back to the office.

Each time we walk, we send out a picture to each other at work. Like below:


Hurray for much needed breaks in the sun. It’s amazing how a 20 min walk can really help recharge and power me through the afternoon. I’m looking forward to many more this year.

I posted about how excited I was to see crocus blooming in my flower bed for the first time. Well, another first-time bloomer popped up to shine on me. I have narcissus too!


I’m beginning to wonder if these flowers have never bloomed before because they were:

a) too cramped in the bed

b) not getting enough sunlight

c) not getting enough water(?)

d) all of the above

I actually have no idea what the real reason is. I do know the bed is pretty full of blossoms and our garage blocks out all but the late afternoon sun. I have so many ideas for landscaping but Ben and I have pretty bad backs and bending over is harder and more painful than expected. Plus, removing huge shrubs is a daunting task. We started trying to dig out one and now we have a really ugly root thing exposed. LOL Maybe we need to bite the bullet, whip out the checkbook and hire professionals.


In the meantime, I am enjoying these beauties! I hope to find a spot for a bumper crop of daffodils too. When we were growing up, we had a huge strip along the side of our house and every May we’d bring in a big bouquet to our teachers at school. Mom would rubber band a damp paper towel around the stems and then place inside a baggie so they’d stay wet but not dripping as we walked to school. I would sniff them the entire way and more often than not would end up with a slightly yellow nose from the pollen. 🙂

I did manage to slather sunscreen and get 90% of the weeds cleared out of my garden beds. I don’t know where all the pricker plants came from but they REALLY love my garden soil! I am a little low on dirt so I’ll need to toss a few more bags in before planting. We have our seeds purchased and it’s a few more weeks yet before we’ll get our plants purchased from our local organic farmer. In the meantime, I’m slowly prepping the beds and weeding so it’s easier on my back.

To top off our “summer in spring” day, we had burgers on the grill with my family and enjoyed a delicious dessert. What says summer like strawberry shortcake?


The strawberries aren’t quite there yet and still have a bit of that off-season bitterness but I found some delicious raspberries that I halved and tossed in. Voila. Perfect.


And then I went and did this:


Is there any way to fix this? I think I may have terminated an almost full can of whipped cream. Whoops. 🙂

Today was back in the 60s and Ben got the lawn mowed while I tackled some weeds around the garden. I’m hoping for more of this 60s/70s type weather because that’s where I love to be. There’s something so wonderful when you can be outside again. Love, love, love it!



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  1. Your flowers look great and the dessert looks way too yummy. Two things to enjoy now!

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