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The Winding Road of Recovery

Happy Sunday Folks

I wanted to pop on and share some hilarious(?) news. It’s been a challenging time with Matt’s recovery hitting snags and also dealing with a horrible project at work. Sometimes you can get (well, I can get) so wrapped up in the stress and the worry that I overlook signs that could relax and ease my mind. Ever have that happen to you?

Well… Ben and I are now entering our 4th Spring in our home. I can’t really believe the time has gone as fast as it has. Every year I eye up the chaotic flower bed in the front of the house and try and rip out the weeds while saving anything that looks potentially like a flower. Usually that means the grass gets calf-high before I rip it out. Whoops.

I identified years ago a large cluster of tulips, a rapidly-spreading bleeding heart, two daylilies, bell-shaped blue flowers, and some recent Asiatic lilies that managed last year to avoid the chew of the neighboring fauna.

and then this year… something new…



I have little clusters of crocus! This is amazing because in year’s past I’ve seen the odd two-tones leaves sprout up and I’ve left them untouched but they’ve never ever bloomed. This year the same 5 spots sprouted the cluster of leaves but they actually bloomed. 🙂

I’m thrilled! It makes me also very afraid to weed anything in the garden ever again!! Ha ha.

It was a chilly and rainy weekend. We managed to get the first mowing of the season done yesterday but today we stayed indoors and let the rain drizzle on down. Alex injured his ankle a few months ago and has been babying it while he rehabs (which isn’t easy for a guy who is always on the run). But this past week he was officially “back” to the machine we all know:


Who DOES that!?? I think my record was 19,000 steps when we were in LA walking all over for the World Games.

Then in the cold 40s and drizzle, he picked off his first half marathon of the year. Not his best speed but a great sign that he’s recovering well.


Alex and some of his running pals are getting stoked for their now-annual 50 mile relay in a few weeks. They are ready!


I’m getting antsy about this upcoming week of work. I’m starting to feel like the stress is getting to be too much for me. Ever work with someone (or more than one person) who makes you feel like you’re doing a terrible job no matter what you’re doing? Someone who robs you of all your confidence and makes you worried and paranoid? That’s me right now. It’s an exhausting place to be. I’m hoping things can calm down in a few weeks and Ben and I can steal a day away for a long weekend somewhere. It would be nice to have a break away.

But for now I’m hanging in there. I have my lunch all prepped and bagged so it should be easy getting out the door tomorrow. Mondays are the worst for getting up and in the office on time so anything I can do to help shave a minute or two is a good thing. 😉

Wishing a fantastic week for all that exceeds expectations. May your weeds sprout beautiful flowers too. Tee Hee



4 Responses

  1. Sorry your work is so rough. The office manager at my company is like that. Everyone cringes when an email comes from her because they are never good. She never thanks us or says anything other than something critical.

    Hope you get some time to relax!

  2. I have a co-worker just like the one you describe. Ugh! Makes work a real nightmare. But sooner or later they give up & find another person they try to make miserable. Some people are like that. Love the pictures of the flowers. I love to see everything blooming again.

    • It IS so wonderful to see the blooms. I’m a sucker for mid-May when all the trees are blooming. 🙂

      I think all the misery-inducing people should migrate to an island and live there together. Ha!

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