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Welcome Distractions


I still haven’t fully adjusted to the daylight savings time change – it’s tough getting old and missing out on that precious hour of sleep. 😉 It’s been looking sunny outside but it’s windy and in the 40s so there isn’t much we can do. I’m waiting for the ground to soften up a little more before starting to tackle any projects.

We got up this morning and were welcomed by a thick layer of frost. It was really beautiful twinkling in the morning sunrise…


This past week has been filled with lots of random and putzy things – basically anything to offer a little amusement and distraction at home. We’ve rented movies, I’ve cleaned all the bathrooms (twice!), and I’ve even started three baby blankets for expecting friends.

The start of blanket #1:


We’re on the clock waiting to find out when my brother is going to get his new kidney. It’s a process I wouldn’t wish on anyone but I’m thankful Matt has a loving family to get him through this. We’ve got all the “plans” set, our bags are packed, and I’m working extra hours both nights and weekends to get ahead so I won’t be behind when we’re at the hospital.

Ben’s been a rock – and doing little things to keep me upbeat and from going insane with worry. He’s been leaving random sweet pictures for me on my phone:


And sending me funny screen shots from his latest video game:


(you don’t see Alison spelled correctly much anymore!!)

All in all, we’re doing as well as anyone could in this type of situation. I’m praying continuously and am doing my best to stay positive. I had been spending some free time working on those blankets and watching an older TV series on netflix – but had to stop because one of the main characters is in renal failure and needs a new kidney. What are the odds? A little too close to home on that one – I’ll save the rest of the series for later! 🙂

We’ve been trying to cut back on dining out but we went for nachos and margaritas this weekend and it was just delicious. I’ve been on a major nacho kick lately. Maybe I just miss Mexico. Ha Ha I’m still in the hunt for that perfect work-from-the-beach job.


So I’m still struggling with finding time/energy/etc to do more frequent posts. I feel bad blogging so little but our days are so repetitive and boring right now. Plus, with all that’s going on it’s just a lot of stress that I don’t really like writing about. My fervent hope is that this all gets done SOON and goes AMAZINGLY WELL so things can go back to some sort of order.

In the meantime, I’m taking deep  breaths and sending my best to all of you. Have a wonderful week – start it out strong and make it a week to be proud of! ❤


2 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear you are under so much stress. The waiting can be the most stressful part for you and the family. Hopefully the kidney transplant will be done soon and the healing will begin.

  2. I’m glad you have outlets for your stress – and a loving family is such a very lucky thing to have!

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