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Watching the Snow Melt

Ok, has Daylight Savings Time messed anyone up this morning besides me? I made the mistake of sleeping in Sunday morning so I didn’t force myself to get up and begin adjusting. It is also pitch black out. I’m sort of over driving to work in the dark. But each day the days get longer, right?

It’s been a speedy transition to Spring around here and I love it. It’s so hard when the days get longer and you want to be out enjoying the light but it’s still cold or too sloppy to do much.

Just three weeks ago we had this going on in the yard:


It’s strange but we never knew there were deer anywhere around here until last Winter. They then disappeared all Spring / Summer / Fall… and came back again this Winter.

Last week almost all of the snow was gone in our yard. It’s super-duper soggy so we weren’t walking on it and I was itching to get around to check on the garden and see if the rabbits gnawed away at my plants.


I was hanging on excitedly about Spring. I used to love Fall more than any other season but in the last few years it’s been harder and harder for me to handle impending Winter and I feel a huge weight lift off when Spring is close. Maybe that needs to be my new favorite season?


Then on Saturday we had the most glorious day ever – and on a weekend to boot! It was in the mid-60s and we were out hanging clothes on the line:


And Ben tackled a bunch of projects in the garage. Everything is looking OK in the yard – except for all the evil shrubs that look terrible. There are so many to remove and each quote we’ve gotten has been incredibly pricey. If our backs were better we’d take them on ourselves. I think maybe we’ll try one on our own and see how that goes…

My front flower bed is looking a little worse for where from last year’s chipmunk burrowing underneath:


It’s hard to tell from the picture but there’s a huge pile of dirt in the middle now. I also need to figure out the best way to weed some of these flowers out. There’s just too many. I’m thinking the daylilies should vacate in favor of something smaller.

Oh and this lovely hole keeps coming back:


I dread what kind of damage is being done underneath where I can’t see. We need to get rid of these guys ASAP.

But there’s all kinds of fun flowers sprouting up. I love this time of year so much! Hopefully we won’t have a bunch of rabbits getting in the way so my stuff can bloom. It still seems like they attack so much that I haven’t seen everything bloom yet – some flowers I still haven’t been able to identify!


All cleaned up! Ideally we want to make this bed bigger and then cover with a nice layer of mulch so it is less muddy when it rains out.


Ben and I had a wonderful walk Saturday night and made the 2.5mi loop around our house. I’m pleased to say my leg and knee held up really well and I did the entire thing without any pain! I’m hoping that’s all a thing of the past now so I can enjoy more activity this coming year.

Excited for some blooms soon!!


2 Responses

  1. HAPPY PI DAY! Looks like a lot of spring work around the corner, but it will be so worth it!!

  2. Daylillies spread a lot. You could divide and move those.

    For the shrubs – if you don’t like them, take this time to really prune them down hard and see if they reinvigorate. If they don’t show new growth, then out they come.

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