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Spring is Just Around the Corner

Hello beautiful sunrises…

sunrise picture

My mom just sent this picture over to me today. It’s from her front living room window this morning. How spectacular is that!?

Can we raise a glass and toast the groundhog following through on his promise of an early spring!?


We had a few inches of snow to start the weekend but today it was almost 50 degrees and we’re back to seeing ample grass in the backyard. The forecast has a few days in the 50’s and one even supposed to hit 60 (with rain). If that doesn’t give Spring a nice boost, I don’t know what will! I’m really looking forward to lunchtime walks and taking advantage of the increasingly long days. Once I start to notice the days getting longer, I feel a little more stir-crazy when it’s too cold to get out and do much with it. But, I’m excited at the thought that we’ll soon be seeing Spring flowers popping up. Hurray!

My mom saw a fun new special at our local specialty market in town. We have a small little store that offers organic, transitional, and grass-fed meat options along with a host of other healthier foods. They were offering a “date night” 4-course meal that you pick up and then just heat-and-serve when ready. We thought it might be fun to shake up the cooking around the house.

Mom put in 3 “date” orders so the whole family could partake and then enjoy little tastings of some of the courses that were larger. I love having more options to sample!

we got to select our foods from a fun listing of menu options. For our first course, we selected French onion soup:


It was a departure for both of us but we decided to give it a try. The broth was really rich and flavorful but neither of us are a fan of large cooked onions and this soup was packed with them.

Our next course was the salad course where we had the blue cheese wedge salad:


They served it with some amazingly tasty thick bacon and a nice sampling of tomatoes. It was a fun choice but I think this maybe could have been better with a spring mix salad instead of a large chunk of iceberg.

Our third course was a citrus pecan sweet potato – served in an actual orange rind!


This was absolutely delicious. I thought the presentation was adorable and the combo of crunchy pecans, feta and orange combined with creamy sweet potatoes was out of this world! (bottom left of picture: sampling rosemary garlic fingerling potatoes – delicious too)

We were worried about not having a main course. The store recommended making your own main dish entree but honestly with the other courses we didn’t need any more to eat. It’s not often we eat like this! Oh, and there still was dessert. 🙂


Half the family chose red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese buttercream frosting while I went with this decadent cream puff with a 5-star custard center and a rich chocolate ganache on top. I need to hope they don’t serve those at the store often because that could be dangerous!!! Wow, just amazing.

I thought the whole dinner idea was so much fun. It’s nice to mix it up and it felt more like restaurant food than your usual take-out. I’ve been a little preoccupied reading about whey and trying to figure out good food substitutes. There are a LOT of other choices, don’t get me wrong, but it takes time to sort out the best taste, best ingredients, best value, etc… I think it will be a work in progress for a long time. I’m not planning on totally eliminating whey from my diet but I am committing to some severe reduction. It was probably a good and healthy thing to do anyway.

Meanwhile I have my final load of laundry tumbling in the dryer and the crockpot all ready to plug in tomorrow morning. We’re trying out a new recipe for an enchilada soup. If it’s tasty, I’ll be sharing!

Good night all 🙂




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