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No Whey? No Way!

Hellooooooooooo middle of the week! Is this week cruising for anyone else besides me? We had a mini snowstorm that’s all but disappeared now and you can still see large spots of grass in the yard. Springtime; I hear it coming!

I’ve been not-so-anxiously and yet uber-anxiously waiting for the results of my food sensitivity test. It doesn’t measure allergies but rather foods that can cause sensitivity/pain. I’ve been noticing more and more that I’ll get terrible stomach pain after eating but I haven’t been able to trace it back to a definitive food (or foods).

When my co-worker talked to me about how much better he felt once he took the test and eliminated the foods he was most sensitive to, I thought it was worth some investigation. I’ve been nervous that all of my favorite foods will light up and I’ll be left biting on kale and spinach leaves!

So – my results are in and I am sharing the entire document so you can see what it looks like. The test breaks down each tested food into red (avoid), yellow (moderate), and blue (low) buckets. They say a good starting point is to tackle the reds (most sensitive foods) first and then see how that goes rather than removing every high and medium item on the list and becoming frustrated with all the restrictions. For people with few reds, they then suggest tackling the moderate allergens next.

Here’s how I “scored”:




It’s not the easiest to read but, surprisingly, I only had two items come back as red and then just a handful of yellow items.

Highest sensitivities: Whey and Candida

Moderate sensitivities: Cow’s milk, sardines (what a shame, ha!), peanuts, pineapples, and kidney beans

It’s a pretty short list, so I am also taking a little notice of “low” items that are borderline in the “low” section – which would then include green beans and pumpkin.

Here’s a better look at the ranges and my particular scores. You can see my Whey score is 1046 – putting me way into the “Avoid” column. Yet, interestingly, cow’s milk (which does contain whey obviously, is on the lower side of the “moderate” range.057

So the biggest issues are obviously the Whey and the Candida. Whey is in just about every dairy product but you can see that when separated from the curd, I’m OK with all of the tested cheeses.

I’m temporarily frustrated because all my go-to, easy to whip together work breakfasts and lunches are either: yogurt (whey), protein shakes (whey powder), or protein bars (whey powder)… It’s a lot of whey and maybe that’s why my body is reacting to it and screaming for me to introduce some nutrient diversity. So I’ll need to scratch my head on this one and do some research for easy to pack meals.

Candida wasn’t surprising to me; I was a silly kid who adored eating raw yeast bread dough. Weird, I know – but that was me! It’s extremely hard to get that out of your system. I remember…maybe 5 years ago I tried a yeast cleanse. (*Warning, graphic story to follow*) I wasn’t knowledgeable and just took the pills as the box indicated. One day in the middle of the night I woke up and couldn’t breath. Something was restricting my airways almost like a hand choking your throat. I was in my apartment all alone and waking so abruptly like that was absolutely terrifying. I remember grabbing at my throat thinking something was there and stumbling to the bathroom. I turned on the light, opened my mouth, and saw these huge white deposits on the sides of my mouth – blocking my airway. Now all of this was probably 20 seconds or so but when you are less than coherent, scared, and panicking, I thought I was going to die and didn’t know what to do. This sounds horrifying (and was) but I spotted my nail clippers, pulled out the nail file, and used that to aggressively jab the deposits on my throat. It was just as bad as it sounds and after gargling with a little salt water I curled up on the bathroom floor shaky and too scared to go back to bed. The next morning I went into the Dr – who ran a strep test on my tender and ripped up tonsils (OUCH). The test came back negative but she was POSITIVE that was the issue and gave me an antibiotic prescription. Bad idea.

It wasn’t until a few months later casually talking to my massage therapist when she gave me a questioning look and explained that one of the ways candida exits the body is through the tonsils and it was the cleanse “doing it’s thing” aggressively. I had stopped the cleanse immediately upon starting the course of antibiotics and in my fragile cleansing state just flooded my body with crap instead of letting the rest of it work it’s way out. But hey, I am not sure I can go through another one of those cleanses again!! This lady likes to breathe. 🙂

Overall, I think my  test results looked pretty good. I was worried about a huge list of foods to avoid but this seems manageable once I get a new groove worked out. I know how bad dairy is anyway (but it’s so delicious!) and maybe this is just another push to get me to remove it from the diet.

It’s fascinating to learn more about this though and I’m glad for the new information so I can work on tweaking the daily diet. Hopefully this was interesting to you!


4 Responses

  1. Those results are very interesting to me. For the whey, there are protein bars out there that don’t have the, and protein powders. I find egg protein powder better than the vegetarian ones.

    • there are options, it just takes time to sort through and find what I like. I’m picky about protein powders and most of the pre-mixed shakes are either horribly nasty on the ingredients or full of whey. Lots to learn!!! 🙂

  2. Very interesting results. I didn’t realize all the protein breakfast bars had whey. What will you do now? Good luck!!

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