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Massages and Stew

Ben surprised me with a late Valentine’s day trip to the spa. We had a fun little evening together that started with a rose petal foot soak with fizzy salts and a mango-butter foot rub which we got to enjoy while sipping moscato and eating a couple pieces of chocolate. After that we had a 60 minute couples massage. I love it when they use amazing smelling products and she used another face moisturizer that smelled terrific… I may need to get some! I try not to order anything liquid during the winter months so it won’t arrive at my doorstep and turn into a solid brick while I’m away at work. Anyone else have that problem?

As we were leaving I noticed they have a whole section of “stress” products. Maybe those would be worth a try… do you think they actually work? Sometimes I wonder if they just pop a trigger word on a box to make you buy it when it’s no different from any of the other products.



We need to win the lottery so I can enjoy a spa day every week. How amazing would that be!!!! 🙂

With a few days home this week and a few more away at the hospital, we’ve been trying to keep home meals healthy despite being short on time. Ben helped me make a large pot of beef stew that we’ve been enjoying. I’ll say it again; I love my crockpot. It feels like you can’t do anything wrong with one. Just dump veggies and broth in along with meat and you’re good to go.

My charming potato-cutter:




I tackled the meat. Just a little cutting and tossing in a flour/salt/pepper mixture before lightly browning:


And after a day of slow cooking, our house smelled amazing and we were set for several meals.


We’re settling in for a nice weekend.I’m glad this week is over! I am totally sleeping in tomorrow. Maybe until noon. Ha Ha Ha 😉

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


2 Responses

  1. I love the spa. We have the hot mineral springs around here and those are wonderful soaks, but it sure would be nice if they were less expensive LOL! I have a gift certicate to use for the spa I got for Christmas. It’s just finding the time.

    I just made beef stew this week, only in my pressure cooker and not the crockpot!

  2. Gee, your beef stew looks great – I can just smell it! Yes, crockpots are wonderful to use. Have a nice weekend – low 50’s for us on Saturday and the snow is slowly disappearing.

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