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The Cure for Stress

Howdy and hello warmer weather! I remember last year when by mid-March I could barely see any snow remaining on the ground. I thought that was a fluke but maybe we’ll have the same thing this year… it’s been in the 30s/40s with sunshine and even rain and the snow is melting away. That’s great for me because winter is always stressful for me. Between feeling trapped inside and dreading snow-storm driving, I’d like to bypass and get right to Spring and budding blooms ASAP.

We had a pretty low key weekend figuring out what we think the next few weeks will look like. I’ve also just received a huge pile of new work in the office so between travels and working into the evenings, I’m reverting back to simple pleasures to get me through…


Don’t judge. 😉

The cinnamon bun Oreos are OK. They aren’t as good as the marshmallow ones (which I can’t find anymore). I like the cookie part better than the filling which is weird for me. But yeah, pair those with a little homemade margarita and this lady is A-OK.


But hey, I haven’t made ALL bad diet decisions. At work we were celebrating a team member’s 15 year work anniversary with an assortment of bakery muffins. I grabbed a “caramel nut” option, got back to my desk and read the label…


So about 600 calories and half my daily fat for a muffin? No thanks! I was really surprised because this wasn’t even as large as some of the muffins they sell in the grocery store that I used to love for easy breakfasts. I cringe…

I tried making pumpkin pancakes for a breakfast at dinner thing and they turned out really well!!


I’ve never been good at figuring out how to grease the pan without making the cakes turn dark… but they were still delicious. (and steamy hot)


And probably more calories than that muffin – but at least it was made with whole ingredients!

I’ve been having quite a few days where I can feel my heart beating hard in my chest and I know it’s stress. It feels like the last 6 months have just been one thing after another and I’m trying to find good ways to relax and conquer the stress. Any tips? I could use them!!!




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  1. Our winter has been opposite here. Last year we had piles and piles of snow and now we can see the ground.

    Take time for you to relax. Quiet time with tea and a book or some quiet music.

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