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Happy <3 Day

minion valentine

(Oh, don’t tempt me!)

I hope everyone enjoyed a leisurely weekend. I’ll admit it was a bit strange with all the free time (i.e., time that used to be spent watching football and now is time we should be using to clean the house but instead roam about and do nothing).

The most eventful thing this weekend was my Friday morning HRA (Health Risk Assessment) at work. I was dreading the blood draw since last year’s went so poorly. She couldn’t find a good vein in my arms so ended up going into my hand. It was horribly painful and left a good sized bruise that took weeks to go away.

I thought maybe I could hide and skip work… but Ben found me. (Meanie!)


As luck would have it, I got the exact same lady as last year and once more she immediately started eyeing up my hands. She didn’t remember me and I casually mentioned that I had a bad experience last year. She took a little extra time tapping my arm, found a vein, and pfft! Easy, super easy. I barely felt a thing. It’s AMAZING the difference when they take a little time and do it right! Wow.


Now I just wait for the results. I’m also still waiting for my food sensitivity results to come back too… I sent them to CA and I don’t know how long it takes the lab to process the bloodwork and then they have to mail them to my chiropractor who then mails them to me. So… it’s likely going to be another week or so. Very curious to see what it comes back with!

This weekend Ben made some delicious margaritas as a preview to our next vacation. We are planning a weekend getaway with our travel friends… but as luck would have it they may bail out at the last minute. They are pretty concerned about Zika and even though there haven’t been any reported cases where we are going, they are still understandably worried. We’ve thought about whether or not to go but I need the mental break so we’re plunging forward!!


That didn’t stop up from loading up on DEET and other mosquito repellents:


We bought a few cans of bug spray along with a portable gadget we thought would be good for around the pool area. We’re a couple of weeks out yet from the trip but I’m not sure how much they stock bug spray in the dead of WI winter and wanted to grab what we could before potentially running into an issue.

Here’s a fun blast from the summer past, we cooked up some of those stuffed peppers we grew in our garden! The filling was just as delicious as we remembered and froze really well but the pepper ended up having a rubbery texture. I’m wondering if we should have blanched them first before filling and freezing. Something new to try for next time!003

I also got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my valentine. I told him nothing too fancy so he swung by after an appointment and got me this cheerful bundle. What’s funny is our mutual dermatologist gave Ben the pink rose in there to give to me – and it matched perfectly!


Flowers are so cheerful any time of the year but it’s especially nice for the color and aroma in the winter. It’s been moderately cold here but nothing horrifically cold. However, I read the temps are supposed to be in the 30s this upcoming week. NICE

Well, it’s time for me to finish changing the sheets on the bed and then I’m off for a few Zzz’s. Have a fantastic week! Think about it; we’re halfway through February!!! You could argue – halfway through winter. Now that’s something to cheer about!!


2 Responses

  1. those flowers are beautiful! It feels empty now without football, doesn’t it? I liked it when they had the pro bowl after the season ended like a last party kind of thing.

    We are just now starting to get all the winter weather. Bitter cold and now snow and ice tonight! Eeek!

  2. Love your flowers! We are supposed to be in the 30’s this week, too. Sounds wonderful! Our 2nd half of this winter has been a little rough.

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