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Hurray for Manning

Well, we survived the big storm that blew through last week. Ben was able to work from home so I had a wonderful chauffeur to pick me up in a warm car at the end of the day. What a perk!

We were able to leave work early too and work from home, so I raced through meetings and had Ben come pick me up at 2pm – right during the brunt of the storm. Whoops.


It was that wonderfully thick packing snow that’s terrible to shovel but wonderful to build forts and snowmen with. Since all the schools were closed for the day, there were a lot of kids out building masterpieces. As for me, I was just eternally grateful I didn’t have to drive in it and could enjoy how pretty the new snow cover was.


I would probably even like snow if I never had to drive through it ever again. 😉

The pretty view from the kitchen patio:


Come on, that’s really pretty, don’t you think?

We’ve been all geared up for the SuperBowl and since neither the Patriots nor the Seahawks were in it, already it was looking way better than last year. I am NOT a Cam Newton fan and have always liked Peyton Manning since back in his Indy days, so the family choice was clear…

Alex Manning

I thought the first half of the game was excellent and we cheered and hollered enthusiastically. The second half was a bit dull though. I think the Broncos fell into the Packer’s playbook of cautious play. We chuckled at a couple commercials (kind of an underwhelming year) and feasted on a wide assortment of goodies including cocktail meatballs, homemade pizza pockets, roasted potatoes and onions, vegetable beef soup, made from scratch cinnamon rolls (omg, delicious!), veggies, chips, and salsa. The SuperBowl is so great for food!!!!

My dinner plate:


So we were thrilled to watch Manning get another ring and it will be interesting to see if he’s done for good. I can’t imagine he’ll come back knowing how he’s been hampered with injuries but I’ve often heard how much he loves football and I can imagine such a big change to retire so young must be hard for players whose entire lives are the sport. Maybe he can find an announcing job or something like that. It would just be nice to see him around in other capacities. 🙂

The big question at work this morning was, of course, what everyone’s favorite commercial was. I guess I’ll go with the Doritos baby ad. I had seen it before but I still thought it was funny. 🙂


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  1. I think my favorite commercial was the sheep singing Queen. Or Willem Defoe playing Marilyn Monroe with Snickers. They seemed kind of lame this year, though.

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