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February, Already


Time to flip my adorable new calendar:


January is officially in bag and I doubt anyone in my neck of the woods is sorry about that, especially as we’re all bracing for Winter Storm Kayla and the 5-11″ of snow hitting us tomorrow and into Wednesday. Ben’s downstairs watching the X-Files and already the TV screen is littered with school cancellations. Pity work is never closed. 😉

Since we’re now one month into the year, I received another “motivational” email from my old gym informing me that I failed my New Year’s resolutions, that I’m not alone, and that if I want to succeed I need to come back (ahem, maybe if it wasn’t $200/month Ben and I would be back!).

While that kind of motivation doesn’t work for me I still liked the reminder about taking a moment to reflect on your goals for the year. Take a peek – are you making steps (any size forward)? Have you already stopped? What helped or hindered your progress? Are the goals still important? If they are, what can you try this month to make progress?

I’m pretty excited to admit that we’ve been sticking with the gym schedule 3x a week. we don’t always want to go but Ben and I push one another along and we’ve kept on track. I’m not moving any faster on the treadmill but I am joining Ben for some light weight lifting just to see how it feels on my back and leg.


My takeaways this month are that having Ben going with me helps keep me on track and that by going to a gym closer to us AND right after work, we’re more likely to stay on track. I wasn’t comfortable the first week or two going and some nights I would sit in the car and wait for Ben before walking in, but I’ve since settled in and don’t feel like an outsider.

We spent this weekend enjoying a new Chinese place with some of our friends who also happen to be Fitbit buddies of ours and challenge us to weekly step goals. Ben and I usually lose but with the gym time we’re back in the race each week.


One of my other goals was to be more diligent (5x a week) in counting my calories and staying within my limits. You know what, I’m actually doing OK with this too. I think it’s helping that I signed up for the biggest loser challenge at our gym. I really don’t think I’ll win anything but it gives me some additional motivation to try.

During the week we’re balancing better with watching our calories. We’ve been making each dinner with enough for a second meal of leftovers that we can eat on nights we head to the gym. It’s working great and with no meal prep we are able to eat at the same night each night.


Tonight it was tacos without the shells. A little less carbs but still satisfying and delicious!

Well, we’ll have to see what this storm looks like. I’m a bit nervous but Ben’s promised to drive me into the office so I don’t have to worry or fret about that tonight. Plus, that means I don’t have to dust the snow off my car when it’s time to go home either. Perks!!!

Stay safe and warm all those in the path of Kayla. Also, if any of you had NY goals, I’d enjoy reading how you’ve been doing this first month in. ❤


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  1. We are in a blizzard warning, but tonight it should be a very dense fog warning, since the visibility is 1/8 mile or less. I use to make NY goals but now they are too hard to keep at it. Maybe too lazy on my part. Maybe I should just start a goal at a random time. Good luck. We are still supposed to get 7-12 inches and lots of blowing snow.

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