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At-Home Tests & Home Cooking

(disclaimer: if the sight of blood disturbs you, you may want to skip this post!)

Greetings on an unseasonably warm albeit windy January evening. I drove into work this morning and it was sprinkling out! It looks like the upcoming forecast is equally crazy – 36/37 over the weekend and then a lot of snow next week. One guy at the gym said something about 15″ of snow but that seems too crazy to be true (right, right?).

We’ve been doing great this week keeping up with our gym program and I have little blisters to prove it. I don’t think even now I’m 100% over whatever weird leg issue plagued me last Spring but I’m able to hang in on the treadmill at a steady pace around 3.3 mph. I know that seems crazy slow but it gets my heart rate up high enough with a bit of elevation and doesn’t seem to put too much strain on my leg. For now, I’ll take it.

A few months ago I was in a training class at work and got talking with a co-worker about food (we had pizza catered in but he had brought a sandwich instead). He mentioned that he had a food intolerance to dairy and eggs. Now this guy is crazy fit – one of those people who bikes 25 miles each way to work during the warmer temps – and then he went on to talk about how his stomach would hurt hours after eating, how he could eat “healthy” all week but a meal off-plan would lead to 4-5 lbs of weight gain and a strong feeling of lethargy, etc, etc…

We touched base again a few weeks ago and I pressed him for a little more info because that seems really similar to how I feel. I can eat really well all week and maybe even drop a pound or two and then we go out to eat for a dinner and WHAM, the next day I’m up 3 pounds which take me the entire next week to lose. I’ve looked into food sensitivity testing in the past and it was ridiculously expensive ($1200!) so I passed. However, my co-worker’s chiropractor offered a mail-in at-home test (that cuts out the Dr office middleman) for the budget price of $150. SOLD


I just got the test this week and thought it would be a breeze to prick my finger, fill in the circles, and mail it in. I learned something about myself: I’m a total wimp! I sat for almost an hour as I began sweating, swearing and freaking out over a prick. I called Ben over to do it, decided he couldn’t be trusted (lol), and was back to doing hard counts (ONE, TWO, AHHHHHHH) and kept freaking out. It probably was hilarious and I think Ben thought I was going to pass out. I finally managed to prick my finger with the pressure-needle… but it wasn’t aggressive enough so I actually had to do it TWICE! Let me tell you, I toughened up for round two because there was no way I was going to do it a third time!!

You have to completely fill 5 circles and with enough blood to soak through the back…


Then it gets air-dried overnight and placed in a “cute” little bag and mailed in:


I mailed the test in on Monday night and now I’m antsy and wondering what the results will look like. This had better not have been for nothing! 🙂

Three days later and I still have little bruise marks on my poor fingers.


wimp. wimp. wimp.

I’m much happier now with no more needles to prick myself with.


Who knew it would be so hard? Honestly it looks so easy – but it’s probably because I was doing it to myself. I should have just called my mom and made her drive over. She totally would have lol.

I know blood is a little weird to discuss but I thought some of you might be interested in the process. I don’t know what I honestly think about food sensitivity screening (the online research seems to be all over the place) but if it helped my co-worker and his wife so much that they shipped 6 kits to CA for their family to try… well, why not?

In the meantime, we’re trying to make more meals at home instead of going out. I told Ben that the results will likely come back with sensitivities to all of my favorite foods and I’ll be left with only kale, lima beans and fish left to eat. Help me!

Tonight it was tacos without the tortilla shell. Delicious. I started logging my food once again so I can better control portion sizes. It’s amazing how easy it is for a little extra this and that to add up to major calories.


I’m excited and nervous to get the results back.

(Please Lord, don’t let me be allergic to beef or chicken!!!!)


10 Responses

  1. I have seen those mail order blood test things before and always wanted to see if I had any sensitivities. Of course, if it was dairy or eggs, I doubt I would give them up LOL! I am curious as to your results.

    • Yeah that’s the challenge. If I wouldn’t alter my diet based on the result, what’s the point of spending $1200 on a fancy test? But since this was cheap I thought maybe it would help me reduce things that were causing issues. Excited to see what comes back!

  2. You would hate being me :). I’ve had type 1 diabetes since I was 11 (when I was living in Wisconsin) and I have an insulin pump, a glucose sensor and a diabetic alert service dog and I still take my blood sugar 15+ times each day. I think my fingers have permanent bruises/calluses.

  3. You would hate being me. I’ve had type 1 diabetes since I was 11 (diagnosed when I still lived in WI) and I have to take my blood sugar 15+ times/day despite having an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor and a diabetic alert service dog. I think my fingers have permanent bruises/calluses. 🙂

  4. I have those bruise marks on my finger tips all the time since I’m a diabetic and I don’t like needles either. I seem to gain weight easily too, but I think it is the CARBS for me. I do have a daughter who has Celiac Disease (gluten free) and she does fine following the diet. Good luck with the results.

  5. Do you think you have a food sensitivity? For yourself, what would be the worse food sensitivity to have? Hope you get good results!

    • I am not sure but I often notice after lunch or in the afternoon my stomach really hurts and I haven’t been able to trace it back to any single source. I’m guessing this is a logical place to start though. I think the hardest things to eliminate would be wheat, dairy, beef, and chicken.


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