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Settling into the new year


How is 2016 treating you so far? It’s been a long week getting back into the usual flow after having had such a long and leisurely rest. Ben and I had our least eventful New Years ever – but that was my fault. I had a mini break-down and we opted to stay home together rather than venture out to party with friends. Instead we got a take-and-bake pizza, a couple small snackies, and played Minecraft while blaring music in our office. Ben coaxed me to stay awake and we sauntered downstairs at 11:55pm so we could tune into the Chicago NYE countdown just before midnight.

happy new year 16

We got a big snowstorm just a couple days after Christmas so although we didn’t have a white Christmas, the brown didn’t last much beyond that. Ben and I managed to get our errands in early but we still were driving home at the start of the storm – which ended up dumping over 9 inches (or a foot, or 18″ depending on who you talk to). I don’t know what the official amount was, but it was a good storm.


Just 30 minutes into the day and a half of snowfall:


Hard to believe this was a couple days before Christmas:


Winter’s here forever now, ha ha.

I started this year in a bit of a low spot, I’ve got to tell you that 2013-2015 were just miserable years. I’m so hopeful for better things in 2016. You can wear a game face for only so long before you can feel some of the light crackle right on out of you. Normally I have some idea of a plan of attack or resolution or ideas of what I want to accomplish in the new year. It always feels the same though so I’ve been taking a step back, reading some interesting articles, and am trying to be thoughtful in how I approach ’16.

And then I bought a puzzle – because I LOVE puzzles and I never ever do them. I cleared off the kitchen table and took it over with a Christmas stamp puzzle. Here’s my progress (and yes, we’re eating dinner on the coffee table in our family room until I finish it. hee hee):


I don’t know why, but it was random and it feels awesome. We somehow discovered a great radio station we didn’t know existed and I am enjoying a cup of decaf at night and my puzzle.

We also joined a new gym. We’d both been at a cheap gym for a while ($20 each/month) that had a location downtown and another in the city where Ben works. I liked it because it had saltwater pools and a sauna, a cardio theater with a huge screen, and a bunch of fitness classes. Want to know how many times I swam, sat in the sauna, or used the theater combined?? ZERO. While I used to love BodyPump and BodyCombat, after a while they feel so repetitive that I lost all interest in going. The result? I haven’t been to the gym in months (like 8, to be exact). Ben is self motivated and had been going 3x/week during lunch but he quit too and we joined a gym only a few miles from our house so we could go together after work. So far we’ve gone Monday and today. I’ll let you know in 8 months how it looks. 😉

Sometimes it’s a random thing that you need to perk you right up. Right after my gloom of new years, we received a late Christmas box from our vacation friends. Ben and I had talked about how time got away from us and our tradition of buying a new ornament each year fell to the wayside…

How ironic that our dear friends somehow knew this was exactly what we needed. ❤


So, yeah. I think this will be an interesting year. I haven’t gotten it all figured out but I’ll sit back and see how it all folds in together. I like to have some sort of goal or vision but I don’t want to set goals that will be failures to achieve. We’ll see.

Phew, Ok I am beat from an hour on the elliptical (my knee is not happy either). Time to settle in and head to bed. Good night all!


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  1. It sounds like you are starting 2016 in a good way. Keep it going. I know it can be quite a challenge. I’m hoping I can kick it into gear myself.

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