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The Turf Search Event

It’s been pouring cats and dogs since the wee hours of the morning and it’s expected to continue tomorrow as well. All in, the news guys are predicting somewhere around 3-4inches of rain. RAIN folks – and it’s mid-December in Green Bay!


There are a lot of people upset though and you hear how divided Wisconsinites are everywhere you go. People either love this warm weather and consider it a rare and unprecedented gift (the snow will come) or are miserable because they NEED snow to get into the Christmas spirit. I’ve personally never had Christmas without snow so this may be my first. I’m OK with that because it means less driving in bad weather and a psychologically shorter Winter. The snow WILL come.

The Packers won tonight so I’m feeling pretty darn good. I was downloading the pics on my phone to see what interesting tidbit I could find for you…


A couple months ago I blogged about how we went to the Packers / Rams game and ended up winning the “Turf Search”.

turf picture

Well it was finally time for us to go to the special event!

I took Ben as my plus one and we met up with Ben’s folks at Lambeau since my mother-in-law was also a winner. Once we checked in and got seats, we were able to sit down to a leisurely dinner. They had lots of different food stations: pasta (chicken Alfredo or marinara and veggies), baked potato bar, burger / brat / chicken bar, veggies / fruit / smoked salmon (see below):


Plus they were offering free beer, wine and sodas. Not too shabby! We excitedly munched and talked to other Packer fans in the fancy club area that I rarely get to see.


Another lifetime ago (ha!) my previous employer had a skybox on the 50 yard line, club seats, and both North and South end zone seats so I usually wound up at a game each year through the company lottery and sometimes again for free in the skybox. I tell you, it’s high-rolling in the skyboxes and I miss feeling rich and important. lol

I took a picture of the bathroom breezeway. I was going to snap the ladies restroom – it’s pretty – but a gal walked in just then and I thought it might appear a little creepy. Although thinking back I’m sure she would have understood. 🙂


As we finished dinner, they began the nighttime presentation and then brought in 3 of the Packers Wide Receivers: Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams for a short Q&A session. We got to listen to them field a few questions and then they brought out platters of desserts while each group got to take a photo with the Packers!


I was pretty excited to meet the guys, shake their hands and engage in 10 seconds of banter. They SUPER-efficiently wheeled us through so we literally had only enough time to shake hands and slap a quick smile on for the camera.


There we are! I was excited the picture turned out as well as it did. I may make it my new computer wallpaper – lol! I wasn’t as excited about the players though. They weren’t that friendly and actually didn’t seem like they wanted to be there. OK, I know they probably didn’t want to but it was either part of their contract or they were paid $$$. The least they could have done was be at least sort of polite to their adoring fans?

After we were hastened away, I was handed an autographed Davante Adams football! Signed Packer stuff – super cool!


There wasn’t much to do after that because they weren’t letting people get their own items signed, so we started walking away when Ben noticed a vendor his company does business with was having an event going on as well… so we crashed that too. ha ha

It was a much smaller affair and less prestigious but they had a full-scale bar of free alcohol and a nice view of the field. If you’ve never seen the heated lamps at work on Lambeau at night:


It looked really cool. So we had a couple drinks, Ben chatted with some of the guys he’s worked with, and then we left our second party that night.


I’m sad the Pack weren’t more friendly but it was hard to find fault with the event overall and I was so excited we got to go. It always seems so rare to find something under your seat at a large sporting event and I still can’t believe it was under mine. 🙂

Well I’m off to get things ready for another week of work… and I need to pack my ice scraper away for a few more days and make sure I have my umbrella handy because I’m going to need it tomorrow!!



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  1. The overall event sounded fun and you were lucky to be a winner. Our expectations don’t always turn out the way we would like, but you were a winner!

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