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2015 Fall Vacay – The Resort

Yesterday A few days ago I shared with you all the food we gobbled up during our recent stay in Riviera Maya but today I’d like to talk about the resort. Wouldn’t you know I’ve made somewhere around 23 revisions to this post and it still probably isn’t the way I had wanted it. WordPress just did some weird formatting changes to their site and all my pictures load weird and wrap text all around them so I lose what/where I am as I put a post together. Plus sometimes I’ll go into work early to complete a post before work but they just loaded a new site blocker on Monday that now blocks me from even logging in. (Sob) Oh well, away we go.

As I mentioned, we stayed at the Now Jade Riviera Cancun. If we travel during the off-season, we like to pick a nicer place since the prices are still pretty good even if you select a “better” resort. None of us are really picky but we do have certain things we look for: a good sized pool area with plenty of seating, a “kids” area away from the pool (adults-only is preferred but $$), lots of restaurant choices, and close to the airport (there’s nothing like flying all day and then sitting for a 90min drive to your resort).

A non-essential but nice perk of this resort – there were no towel cards! By the end of our trip we had accumulated quite a stash. Whoops 🙂


When you’re cold and/or wet and want a fresh towel (or two) it’s really nice to have that option. I loved having one towel to dry off with and another rolled up behind my lower back to help my back pain.

The room was really nice. It wasn’t damp which you sometimes get in Mexico, the A/C worked well and we had plenty of living space.



The pool here was adequate. The water temp was just perfect but it was a lot smaller than we thought. The area by the swim-up bar was loud and congested (very typical at all resorts) so we tend to set-up by the “quiet” end. The first day was spectacular but the days after were overrun by teenagers and loud parties smoking non-stop (seriously, I’ve never seen so much smoke) while playing volleyball.

But that first day was out of this world. We spent most of the day in the pool splashing around. You just can’t beat palm trees, free drinks, and sunshine. It’s great for counter-acting work stress too 😉


Here’s some photo similarities between our trip in Feb and the one we just took…









So obviously we have some similar themes going on. Ha Ha

In past trips we’ve made a point to watch the nighttime entertainment each evening but this year we only went to the first night’s event – 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s throw-back music. It was fun and they threw out a ton of balloons…



Each night after we’d end up going back to one of our rooms, ordering some appetizers (one day we called and ordered one of each of the 6 desserts they had on the room service menu – I think the guy thought we were nuts) and we’d listen to music and play card games. That’s how we party hard in Mexico. No I’m not that old. Yes I feel that old. 😉

My favorite thing about this resort was a little place called Coco’s Cafe. They served a drink called frozen baileys. There was no alcohol but it was absolutely delicious. We would often stop in so I could grab two and carry them back to the beach area to sip on all morning. In addition to delicious coffee drinks, they served ice cream and assorted snack items (banana bread and muffins in the morning, small sandwiches and salads around lunch), crudities and piles of delicious treats all day long. I could have sat in the air conditioned, sugar-sweetened, wi-fi enabled atmosphere all day.




Our last day at the resort was welcomed with pouring rain. Total bummer! We’ve never had that happen to us before. It was really not safe during big rainstorms because all the walkways (both in the buildings and under the outdoor walkways) were leaking and I slipped twice (not great for the back) and our friend actually fell down hard. Yikes!! They spend so much time on pruning bushes and whatnot but it seems like they should have done something about rudimentary safety.

But it definitely looks cool overcast and cloudy. I ended up coaxing Ben and Nicole to come swim with me in the pool during the morning downpour. It was windy and COLD – but we had the entire pool all to ourselves! We sang loudly and made an experience out of the last few hours before we’d need to go head home. Sometimes those things are crazy at the time but it’s what you remember years from then.






We’re so blessed to have such wonderful travel buddies. It still feels so lucky that we ran into them one day by the lazy river last year and now it seems like we’ve been friends forever. Until next time, Mexico!


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  1. Laughing at the balloon shot 😀 Sounds like a great time!

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