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2015 Fall Vacay – The Food

So I’ve been SO overdue in providing a recap of our trip to Mexico. As time goes by you wonder if it’s worth the update at all but I’m just behind and busy and need to crack that whip a little more. I finally uploaded our vacation pictures and thought, “wow – we didn’t take many at all”! But still, I had 50 good ones I wanted to share. I don’t want to drag this into a week of updates but since many people are looking at resort options for the winter, sometimes it’s nice to get the skinny on a specific resort.

We seem to be in the Cancun/Riviera Maya phase. That’s probably because it has lots of flight options for both our friends in Pittsburgh as well as us out of GB. We tried flying out of Milwaukee this time to save a few $$$. While it was certainly cheaper, we ended up landing home at 11:15pm and after taking on a 2+ hour drive home… Eeek

Ok, so the resort we went to was the Now Jade Riviera Cancun. Last year we went to a Secrets in Punta Cana that had a Now attached to it so we had a good idea about the quality of the chain (even though I’ve learned all resorts are a little different).

We found our friends right after we arrived, took quick showers, and then went to find some dinner. We tried out their Mexican restaurant Tamarindo the first night. The food was excellent but it was absolutely sweltering in the building. In fact, they brought out a huge fan and we discreetly got up and positioned it so it would oscillate in our direction.

It was a pretty restaurant though and not busy. That’s the boon to going in the Fall – the resorts are a lot less busy and there’s never a wait for dinner.


We had some really delicious food and I’ll highlight some of the dishes. I had Mexican fonduta (cheese fondue) with steak in it as my appetizer. Ben selected a taquito with some pickled onions and queso fresco cheese. Ben’s salad was a wedge salad with a crispy cheese “stick” and I had a spring salad with lentils. Entrees were delicious fajitas! I’m not a seafood person but I thought I’d try one of the shrimpies. Meh, not so much.

They had delicious margaritas as well… I love margaritas but somehow tequila hits me way harder than any other kind of alcohol. Whoa baby!


Deserts were pretty disappointing (but they usually are in Mexico). There is usually some sort of texture (gelatinous gunk) or taste (bland, flavorless) issue. We’ve learned to all order different things in the hopes something will be good. That ice cream had popcorn inside that was very chewy – terrible!!

The second night we went out for Hibachi – always a fun experience! The first couple of courses were salty/salty and I passed them all by after a single taste. I’ve never had edamame before, do you shell it before eating it or bite into the chewy, furry pod like a snap pea??

Our hibachi server noticed I was snapping pictures and stopped everything insisting I grab a photo of him. Too funny!


The dinner was dynamite and I can never get enough fried rice. I could eat that every day. The highlight though was the fried ice cream – hands down the BEST dessert we had the entire time! I was afraid it would be a repeat of the horrid fried ice cream of Punta Cana’s Now resort but this was just amazing.

Day Three we scoped out the Italian restaurant. All the food was good, none of the food was great, but the servers were wonderful and it was a fun night. We had mushroom risotto, wrapped chicken, caprese, cannolini soup, ravioli two ways, and a smattering of desserts (cannolis, crème brulee pudding, and ice cream.

Day Four was Cin Cin – the adults only restaurant. It was EMPTY and super quiet. (And we kind of loved having a meal away from crying kids and music / game noise from surrounding tablets)

Interesting décor inside as evidenced by the lip-shaped chairs:

WONDERFUL staff here and we enjoyed rolls with paprika butter, chicken, a couple beef dishes, ravioli that was scraped clean from every plate, flan that was not finished, chocolate ice cream and a chocolate mousse.

So… we ate well. Even when you only eat a few bites of things we still somehow always felt really full when we left. Maybe that also has to do with how slow you eat. We’d usually eat around 5:30 and leave around 7:30/8pm! Crazy, isn’t it? That’s vacation time for you. Time has no meaning.

That’s it for the food. Tomorrow I’ll give you an update on the resort itself.

Best Thing I Ate: fried rice from hibachi restaurant

Worst Thing I Ate: popcorn ice cream from Mexican restaurant


2 Responses

  1. Popcorn ice cream. That sounds like a Ben and Jerry’s flavor! I’ve only been to Mexico twice and those were port stops on a cruise. We ate at a local restaurant in one place and it was really good! It was a beach restaurant that was open on all sides and a cat came in and sat among the patrons. Fun, but weird LOL!

    • We only ventured off-resort once (on a day-long excursion in Cozumel). Our beach restaurant was open like that too… you walk down the hallway and there are the open-pit bathrooms. That was weird for me!!

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