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Multiple Thanksgiving Merriment

Whew – was it just me or was that the FASTEST week ever? Maybe it was because we were racing to catch back up after vacation combined with the short work week and the hectic weekend, I don’t know, but it felt like I barely had time to breathe the entire time!

Trip recap will pop up this week but I thought it would be more fun to discuss Thanksgiving food. Ever since Ben and I have been together we’ve done dual celebrating on Thanksgiving – with Ben’s side for “lunch” and mine for “dinner”. The result is a whole lot of delicious food and absolutely aching tummies afterwards. Besides, even if you only put a tiny scoop of your favs on your plate, we all know how all those tiny scoops add up!

This year my parents offered to do their dinner on Saturday giving us a nice spread. We went over to Ben’s folks for Thanksgiving on a cold and rainy day.



We brought my maple sweet potatoes – as usual and then had chicken, un-stuffing, corn, and mashed potatoes. Ben’s mom makes her potatoes with cream cheese AND sour cream. They are as deadly as they are delicious. I was already more than full with this heaping plate so skipped the sugar-free jello along with the brown-and-serve dinner rolls.

All to save room for appleย pie…

Ben scored a last minute free ticket to the Packer game so after leaving his parents we ventured down by the stadium and decided to hop into JCPenney to shop sales and kill time. I scored 2 $40 items for $5 each. Not shabby. We then navigated to a closed bank drive-up window so Ben could put on his rain gear and boots while staying out of the pouring rain. I dropped Ben off and then decided to brave the mall (what was I thinking?) It wasn’t too bad but I had no game plan and bought stuff that was on a good sale only to find those same things cheaper elsewhere. I now have a TON of bags by the front door that all need to go back. Ugh!

I got some shopping done and made it home in time for kickoff. What a game! I really thought the Pack was going to win on that last drive… I stayed up for the whole thing, shopping more online and finding things cheaper than in the store! Geez. Ben was soaking wet and hoarse when he got home but happy he went. It’s not every game they retire a Packer legend.


We didn’t go to sleep until midnight and then I was up at 6am to meet the folks for Black Friday shopping. We don’t do a lot and normally don’t head out until 10 or 11am but Dad had to get some work in so we went earlier. Let me tell you – Walmart at 7am on Black Friday was EMPTY. I think everyone had shopped there earlier. What a breeze! It was so wonderful I texted Ben telling him no one was out … and would he mind stopping at Menards for a new deadbolt on sale??

I sort of, kind of, forgot Menards wasn’t open on Thanksgiving… and got a few text messages from Ben. Whoops. Here’s the back of the line wrapping all the way to the back of the store and coming back to the front…


And once you made it that far, it looped around the long side of the building all the way across to the checkouts…


You can’t even SEE the checkouts from the turn – the line was that long. Poor Ben!! But hey, he did pick up a few fun things he saw while he was in line so I think he forgave me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday I whipped up another batch of sweet potatoes and then we went over to my family’s house for Thanksgiving #2. All my favorite foods were there including my most favorite: mom’s homemade pumpkin knot rolls. To. Die. For.


If they weren’t a ton of work I’d make her make them more often!! But these yeast rolls have spoiled me from anything not piping hot and freshly made.

My next favorite thing is stuffing and it’s a family favorite so Mom always has half stuffed in the bird and half in the oven that she mixes all together in the end. Oh how I love mom’s stuffing. Why does anything your mom make always taste so wonderful? It’s the same way for Ben. ๐Ÿ™‚


All ready to eat!!


My delicious plate:


And I saved room for mini pieces of both apple and pumpkin pie!



I’m thankful Thanksgiving is only once a year – I don’t think my waistline could handle this!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

To wrap up a wonderful weekend, we watched Alex run the Noodelini 15K Sunday morning. He set a new personal record and was first in his age group!

Alex noodle 2015

It feels like a lot and my list of things to accomplish this coming week is extensive. I have a TON of things to return and want to finish up all my remaining small purchases so I can spend a weekend leisurely wrapping. This girl doesn’t like to wait until the last minute and we all know December seems to go by so quickly!!

How was your Thanksgiving? What’s the single BEST thing you ate??


One Response

  1. i don’t know if I can name a single best thing.I do have a love of gravy, isn’t that funny?

    I would never shop the mall or any stores like that on Black Friday or the weekend LOL! I am an online or small local shop gal.Jammie shopping is the best. ๐Ÿ˜€

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