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Dining in Dallas

Greetings on a warm but wet day in Mexico! I kept telling myself I really HAD to do one post from the deep South and then our vacation took over and here we are on our final day!

It’s raining here and windy outside so I thought I’d take a few minutes to update you. The Internet is Ok here but it’s not working to pull pics off my camera so all I have are a couple I snapped on my phone on the way down.

We were looking for this trip to be as inexpensive as possible so we could potentially swing another trip in Feb/March when we’re dying from the cold weather (speaking of cold, Mom wrote that parts of WI got 4+ inches of snow! I’m NOT ready to come home to that). It’s convenient but pricey to fly out of Green Bay so we opted to try connecting from Milwaukee. That meant packing up right after work, and driving down the night before.

We stopped halfway in Oostburg because Ben has really wanted to try Pizza Ranch.



It was really good. I couldn’t believe how wonderfully friendly all of the workers were there. We “ordered” a pepperoni and sausage pizza from the buffet. Once it’s cooked, they bring it to your table first before putting out on the buffet for others. That way everyone is sure to get a pizza they like. I love that!

We got into our hotel in Milwaukee around 8pm and found out their “free” 24-hour shuttle service (the reason we picked this hotel) was only free between 7am and 11pm. Our flights were leaving at 5:30am and coming back at 11:15pm. Argh!

So we got stuck with a $12 shuttle fee but the driver was a really nice guy who had actually been to the resort we were going to. How funny is that?

We hopped on our first 2+ hour flight and landed in Dallas excited but really, really hungry. More pizza!

We enjoy people watching but I also like to be a bit away from the hustle and chaos so we found a restaurant up stairs that had open windows for viewing below. It was empty and quiet. Perfect!


We chose a pepperoni and sausage pizza with caramelized red onions.


Really good! We were able to enjoy a relaxing lunch, check work emails for the last time, and text our traveling buddies as they were making their connection out of Miami.

In the plane, hat was on!


We totally scored on the second connection into Cancun. We didn’t have assigned seats and so the only spots free were the ones at the front of coach that cost additional $$$. So we were placed there for free AND there was no one sitting in the third seat so we had extra wiggle room. I am never that lucky. Normally we’re somewhere around row 20 and this time we were in row 7. Hurray!!!

It was warm landing in the airport but nothing like Punta Cana last year. We were sticky and sweaty but the airport is closed and air conditioned. We did get the red button and had to have all our luggage searched… and I noticed there was a huge gaping hole in my luggage and the fob that you grab on to to pull your zipper had been torn off. What?

But the rest of the trip to the resort was uneventful. We had fun and talkative people on the shuttle and check-in was easy. We called our buddies who landed 2 hours earlier, swung by their room for hugs while waiting for our luggage, and then took showers (at 3pm).

I have a zillion food pictures to show you. I think right now I’m going to see if I can coax anyone to swim with me in the pouring rain. I am NOT spending my last hours inside!


2 Responses

  1. Have fun! Score on the seat upgrade, too – sweet!

  2. Hope you had fun on your last day. Yes, MN & WI did get snow. Safe travels home!

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