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Just a Few More Hours

Buenas noches, señoras y señores! ¿Cómo estás esta noche? Le gustaría ir a México conmigo?

I’m practicing. So far I can order three margaritas, ask where the bathroom is, and count to ten. I’m ready.

We’re finishing up a few things around the house, getting final packing done and then we’re driving down to Milwaukee for 5 nights in Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya Mexico. It’s a much needed trip for both of us and we’re once again meeting up with our vacation buddies from Pittsburgh. I have a feeling much more silliness will ensue. We’re young when we’re on vacation! (And just a little crazy)

Will there be more sombreros? I don’t know!


It’s good timing. Even as I’m typing this the rain is pounding down against the window panes and it sounds a little icy. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to be 58 (SO high for this time of year) but then plummet into the low 40s/high 30s. Take me away baby!

I am enjoying the fleetingly beautiful sunrises on the way to work. It feels like there are just a couple weeks when they hit right as I’m driving to work.



Really pretty, don’t you think?

The colder temps are making people realize all of a sudden that the holidays are closer than they appear. For a while it seemed everyone kept grimacing whenever Christmas was mentioned but sheesh, Next week is Thanksgiving!!!

And the stores have been ready… I took this picture the day BEFORE Halloween:


But I may also be in Heaven. I LOVE Christmas!! I was making a quick store return and hopped into the Christmas section to snap this and send to Ben. He just laughs at me. 🙂


It’s all good. We’ll be back and re-integrated into work and all that “fun” stuff before turkey day and can see if there’s anything worth fighting the crowds for – but all that can wait for now.

My plan is to throw up a post or two from Mexico but we’ll see how that works with the resort WIFI and how ambitious I am. I may just go directly from the plane to a warm lounge chair and not move until it’s time to head back home.



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  1. Have lots of fun and relaxation time in Mexico. Don’t miss the colder temps too much! LOL

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