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Practicing for Mexico

Oh we’re getting anxious for our trip next week. It’s funny how that excitement reaches a point where “poof” you just want to BE THERE. I am there! Sadly, we have a few days left to go so we decided some Mexican food was in order.

That means American nachos:


And margaritas the size of my face:


Ben and I decided to split one and I am glad. I took 4 sips and was done. I love margaritas but they seem to be the alcohol I’m most sensitive about. This lady can only handle small doses. That means more for Ben!


We swung around and picked Alex up from work since he was taking on a longer shift. He wanted to make a cameo appearance:


I love it! 🙂

Anything you guys are excited about? Anyone prepping for Turkey day yet? Mom has her menu all worked out but wants to finalize a few things. I’m good as long as there’s plenty of stuffing because that’s my favorite!!!

PS: It’s Friday the 13th!! BEWARE. MUHAHAHAHAHA!


5 Responses

  1. I am so jealous! I want a vacation so bad. We are donating our old car to charity (they are supposed to pick it up today) and in return we get a 3-day hotel voucher to redeem at a selection of cities. Now we might be able to go somewhere 😀

    Have an awesome trip!

  2. Where was that? Haven’t had Mexican food in Green Bay for years. .

  3. Where in Mexico are you going to? Have never been there. A vacation sounds wonderful after these past couple of days of colder temps and lots of wind. Are you gone for the whole week? Enjoy!

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