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Little Italy

YES, I squeaked by and got a fantasy football win last night. I picked up three players to fill bye slots and between all three, they didn’t even score one point. How does that happen!? Regardless, I eeked by and sit in 3rd place in our league. I can’t remember the last time I did so well this early on. 🙂

We have a friend who does a budding part-time photography business and she invited us to come over to Manitowoc (about 40 min away) to get a few pictures taken. We’re not really into posey-posed pics but thought maybe we could come up with something for our Christmas card this year. For YEARS now I’ve sent out long newsy hand-written Christmas cards to friends and get back the Christmas card picture with the canned phrase: “Merry Christmas from the Smith family” or whatever. Last year I used our wedding photo and did the same thing… wow is that cheap and easy. No wonder so many people do it! Just not as personal as a note but after writing wedding thank-yous my hand needed a break! So anyway, we’ll wait to see if any turn out that we can make into our 2015 card.

On our way home we stopped to try out an Italian restaurant just down the road from where we took our pictures.


It was pretty cozy with lots of pictures of Italy on the walls and a fun fact sheet of Italian history as our placemats.

And my wonderful date ❤

089We ordered our meals and stared out the window while munching on our salads. I love sitting with a view outside otherwise I tend to people-watch and no one wants to be eye-balled as they shovel food into their mouth. Ha!

086The salads were not bad and they came with a couple slices of garlic French bread. Should it be Italian bread??

Ben decided to try their homemade gnocchi and I selected a hearty slice of lasagna. Both of our dishes came out with monster-sized meatballs. You can’t easily tell by the plates but each plate has a single meatball that was the size of my fist. Very fun in concept but stone COLD on the inside. Bleh!

090 091On a side note, we’ve now tried gnocchi three different times and have never been really impressed. I think it’s one of those things that sound wonderful (pillowy potato dumplings) but really just taste rubbery. I think we’re done with that exploration. Overall, dinner was so-so.

But the drive home was amazing. A+ for sunset!

092I wish my camera could have done this better justice because it was just exquisite. Why do sunrises and sunsets never seem to appear true to color on camera? This was deep and intense color that filled the entire sky.

Another shot:

099That is one benefit of the days getting shorter (or maybe it’s just the temps dropping) but we’re seeing a lot more beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I don’t mind that at all.

Tonight we need to contact the concierge at our resort for our upcoming trip to see if we can get rooms close to our friends, verify check in / check out times, and make sure we’re not at the noisy building so we can get a little shut-eye. I’m SO ready for a little bit of rest.


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