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Winners, Losers, and a new Restaurant

Oh my Packers. These last two weeks have not been good but they also aren’t unexpected. We’ve had these same defensive issues for years and our saving grace has always been an offense that can rack up the scores. When that doesn’t happen… Each time this happens I hope they’ll go back and re-work and get better but it never seems to happen. Argh

The Pack may have lost but I’m in good shape going into tonight’s game to win my fantasy match-up. Let’s hope Floyd scores big and Gates does not. 🙂

I also won big at work (ok, not a promotion or anything like that!). Each year we have a 2-week giving campaign where we raise money for various charities and set up next year’s payroll deductions for charity. They have various events – like a craft and bake sale – as well as a bucket raffle. Normally I spend a lot of money on the bucket raffle and occasionally come out with a basket. This year I could never remember to bring cash and didn’t buy any tickets… but they gave us 5 tickets just for doing the payroll deductions which I chucked into a random basket. And won! Check out all this loot!!


I picked a basket that had a spa gift card in it thinking I could use a little R&R. But there are a lot of other fun (and amusing) things in here.

There was a pile of manicure/pedicure equipment that I’m thinking might be gifted to a friend for Christmas who loves this stuff:




Two bottles of shampoo and two of conditioner along with a bottle of styling spray:

028I have Matrix Biolage at home and use it all the time but Joico is a new brand that will be interesting to check out. There were also two bottles of wine. I’m hoping the cupcake Moscato is sweet enough for me but I’m guessing the other bottle will be for Ben (And you can see my picture-taking in the bottle reflections)


Then there were all the cards. I had $20 in non-winning Packer lottery tickets, $10 iTunes, $25 at Bath and Body Works, $80 to that Spa I mentioned (woo!) and a free haircut, eyebrow wax, and style at another salon.031Now I understand the theme of nails, hair, wine, and chocolate – but they threw in some random things as well. There was a jump rope (to work off the chocolate and wine??), a shallow wicker basket thing, and this weird pink rhinestone scarf… I held the scarf up to Ben commenting about this weird design on it and Ben looked at it, turned his head sideways and said: “it’s a skull, isn’t it?”. Pink rhinestone skull scarves are a thing??

They are now. Check out Ben styl’in!

033-1And I can’t believe he let me post that. Ha!

As crazy ugly as I think that is, apparently this is quite a popular style. One of my co-workers offered me $5 to sell it to her. SOLD!

So it was a good haul of goods. I was pleasantly surprised. How often does that happen? I’m pumped!

This past weekend Ben and I spent cleaning up the yard. We’re not completely done but we borrowed a friend’s pick-up and filled it THREE times with leaves, garden plants, and branches. I’m feeling all that bending over but luckily my back is hanging in there. Sore legs but actual back pain is minimal. We still need to wrap our bushes so they don’t get nibbled on all winter and we have a few other gangly bushes that do better when I hack them completely back in the Fall – but those will have to wait. Yesterday was in the 50s and actually felt really nice while we were moving around so it was a good day to be handling the outdoor stuff.

We treated ourselves to an out-of-the-way breakfast at a new breakfast place that opened a couple months ago. They only serve breakfast and lunch and the ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

003At first we thought it was a little pricey, which we expected because of the organic ingredients, but when we looked at our final bill it was only slightly higher than what we’d pay at Ihop.  Has anyone else realized that even “fast food” isn’t cheap anymore?? We have a couple sit-down restaurants here that are cheaper then getting one of the premium hamburgers at McDonalds. And they taste 100 times better.

The place itself was just really cute and one of the owners was our waitress. The tables were cute and it had that non-chain feel that I really liked.


Ben got the breakfast special with organic bacon and eggs, pancakes, and potatoes:

002I tried their breakfast skillet which included a delicious piece of homemade wheat toast:


It was a lot of fun and we will be back. I wish they were a bit closer but not much we can do about that!

Not a lot of plans for this week except we’re prepping for a short little stint to Mexico next week! It will be a quick getaway right before all of the holiday happenings occur. We can’t wait!

Have a fantastic week and fingers crossed on my Fantasy team tonight! 😉


2 Responses

  1. Nice looking place for a delicious breakfast. My favorite meal out is breakfast. Fall yard work can be hectic and result in sore muscles. A Mexican getaway sounds wonderful!

  2. I know skulls are kind of popular, but not quite like that scarf LOL!

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