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It’s Happening

so it begins

Umm yes, have you noticed Christmas is EVERYWHERE? I went shopping this afternoon and hit one store in the mall. There is not a single Thanksgiving decoration anywhere and all the Turkey stuff they are selling is now cramped in a back corner with a 50% off tag hanging slightly askew. I think I missed Thanksgiving in there somewhere between Halloween and the day after Halloween…

I love Christmas and I giggle as I roll my eyes when I see people post official countdown to Christmas calendars on their Facebook pages and decorate their houses in lights (yes, we have a person on our street with Christmas lights up AND turned on). I’m all for stringing them up when it’s 50 with no snow so you can navigate your ladder safely but you don’t turn them ON yet. That’s crazy – even for a certified Christmas nut-job like me.

Anyways, the mall was packed leading me to believe many people think if they begin shopping now they will be done before the mad crush of people storm the mall doors and prevent you from navigating across an aisle without being smothered by:

A) the unobservant woman who has instantly stopped walking and is now trying to do something on her phone, causing multiple people behind her to ram into each other

B) the person with 3 young children and a cart overflowing with garments that has somehow managed to block both aisles at the same time

C) the person trying to set a record for walking as slowly as they possibly can walk

D) All of the above

Let me get this out there now. You don’t have to wait until Dec to experience this miracle, I experienced “D” just this afternoon. I think I’m done shopping now for a while. There is no item worth my life or my sanity. 😉

I have some lucky ladies to award my giveaway too:

winner 3 winner 1 winner 2

Carrie, Boise, and Joanne – you are winners! Send me your full names and email addresses to alis.kitchen@yahoo.com and I will get your goods sent!! Congrats and thanks again to NuNaturals for spreading the love of Stevia to my little blog on reader at a time. Don’t forget their discount good until the end of the year too!


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