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Get While the Gett’in is Good

(Don’t forget about the giveaway. It ends tonight!!)

We’re in the final day of a spectacular 3-day stretch of glorious weather. We’ve been about 20 degrees above the normal temps for this time of year (it was 70 yesterday!!). It will feel like quite a blow tomorrow when the high drops down to 52.

Our tree in the front of the yard is dropping like crazy. I took a before and I’ll need to take an after shot for comparison. I already miss this…


It may sound creepy, especially so close to Halloween, but every year I walk a mile up the road to the small cemetery there. They have tons of gorgeous tall trees that seem to change color later than a lot of others. I wonder if they get blocked by sun/wind and that changes the aging patterns for those trees. But regardless, they stay beautiful long after other trees in the neighborhood are bare and brown and I’ve been walking during lunch each day this week to maximize this amazing weather.


I don’t want to be buried and take up valuable land but I guess if I were buried, I’d want it to be someplace pretty like this.

IMG_2342Our large backyard trees turn yellow – nothing like the oranges and reds that I’m so fond of. I don’t know why the previous owners did that. What fun is a Fall tree with brownish/yellow leaves??? These, on the other hand, are spectacular!

Happy, happy Ali

IMG_2341My hair is so thin that when it’s pulled back it looks like I’m almost bald. Sheesh!

My back has been more aggravated with the walking that I’ve been doing. I don’t go fast but it must be pushing against those discs. I’m taking some ibuprofen and still plan for a final short walk today. I am not ready for Winter!!!!

But I am loving Fall. We’ve got a trip coming up and then we’ll blink and it will be Thanksgiving. Then I will blink again and it will be Christmas. In other words, we basically only have 2 days until Christmas – so keep that in mind. Ha. Seriously, this time of year flies. If we could only make Jan-Mar the same way…

I hope you are all taking advantage of the sun. Get out, if you live in WI like me this might be one of your last chances for natural Vitamin D until Spring!!!


3 Responses

  1. Not crazy one bit, I truly do think that some cemeteries have the best landscaping around.

  2. I grew up in the Northeast and when I moved out to Colorado for a while, everyone would get all excited about fall in the Rockies with the aspen trees. Well, everything just turned yellow. I was like – where’s the fall colors? You guys don’t know anything about fall LOL

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