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Happy Halloween (cackle cackle)

Happy Halloween ya’all! We’ve had a steady patter of rain since early this morning and I’m hoping it wraps up in the next hour so the kiddos don’t end up ringing doorbells with umbrellas in their hands. Plus there’s nothing great about wind, rain, and mid-40 temps for trick-or-treating. I have a couple Halloween funnies to share that made me cackle in delight:

candy requests

group therapy


We bought a small bag of candy just in case a lone kid finds himself racing up our driveway. We’ve never had more than one kid – except for last year when we turned all the lights in the house out and got FOUR. So… lesson learned and keep some just-in-case candy handy!

My attention has been diverted though and I haven’t so much as sampled one fun-sized snack because I’ve been filling my Saturday baking! Ben’s favorite treat is pie and that’s the one thing I’ve always been scared to make. But I decided to try throwing a few simple ingredients together and if it tastes as good as it smells, I’ll post the recipe.

Each year we talk about visiting one of the major farmer’s markets here in town and somehow never make it happen. I finally dragged us downtown to check it all out. It was huge! I can see why it’s so popular because three entire street blocks were roped off and there were entertainers and row after row of produce (even this late in the year!!).

Lots and lots of apples, pumpkins, hay bales and both fresh and frozen cider. We picked up a both cooking and eating apples along with some freshly made kettle corn. Oh yes, and there are plenty of non-food items available too. Early Christmas shopping if I had family interested in dragons?


Every other produce booth had mountains of fresh flower bouquets for sale and you could see people walking around with their flowers in hand. But honestly, how can you beat $5-$7 for such pretty and colorful assortments?? We may need to come back more next year just so I can get lots of flowers. 🙂005

Armed with a bag of apples, flour and butter – here’s my finished pie attempt:


It looks pretty good, don’t you think? My flutes aren’t great but I didn’t get that super dark crust either so I’ll call that a win. Ben has been popping into the kitchen periodically to check on pie progress. I think he wants to skip dinner tonight and go straight for the pie. I hope it tastes good because the whole house smells amazing – like cinnamon and apples. Mmmhmmm.

We also snagged end of season organic raspberries for the rock bottom price of $1 a carton. I passed out at the price and bought every last one he had with no immediate plan. We ate one pint on the way home and now I have 7 left so I’ve been doing another ambitious task: making jam


I forgot how putzy jam making is but having homemade jam all winter long makes it worth the effort!


Lots of deliciousness around this house! I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. Happy Halloween!!


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  1. The pie looks yummy and the raspberries are great looking. The farmer markets are great – last day for ours was yesterday.

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