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BTTF Party Time

Greetings on a rainy and drizzly Wednesday night!

It’s been a weird week here because I’ve been attending an off-site training class this week for work. We rarely (read: never) get to do stuff like this so I’m thrilled to be learning something but it’s a little more planning and longer days with extra drive time to and from the all-day workshop.

BUT I didn’t forget and have pictures from our Back to the Future party! I couldn’t believe how creative our friends and some of their guests got. We had Flux Capacitors blinking on tablets, the red streak lines lining the front yard (symbolizing the red marks that occur when Marty zooms into the future), and tons of crazy outfits and BTTF do-dads.

We walked in and immediately a crazy woman attacked us asking if we had spare change to “Save the Clock Tower”. We received several fliers and Ben luckily had a quarter to help support this worthy cause!


The food was completely themed – they made they Joey parole cake:


There was a large pile of no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies with little animals crawling on top. These “cow pie” cookies were to remind everyone how Biff would end up covered in manure somehow in each of the three films. They were delicious!

cow pies

This was a fail on my part, but some of our friends arrived with little “dehydrated pizza” cookies. They took chocolate chip cookies, covered in red frosting and topped one half with green dyed coconut and the other with tiny slices of red licorice.

Here was the “pizza box”:


Similarly our hosts served homemade pizzas that were all half pepperoni and half green pepper. How hilarious!

You can’t NOT have a Gray’s Almanac now can you?

grays almanac

This little detail I missed on first glance, but do you remember when George got his space fiction book published?? Well a copy was present!

match made in space

You’re Fired Faxes everywhere – and on the correct letterhead:


I’m not joking, some people actually made replica Martin McFly driver licenses with their pictures on them and came dressed in the red life preserver vest. It really was amazing and so much fun seeing how creative people got and we laughed each time someone discovered another little detail laying around the house. You could tell they put a lot of thought into it and it really made for a fun party and movie showing!!

But really, could a Back to the Future party really, truly be complete without an appearance from Doc Brown??

Of course not!!!



3 Responses

  1. Is this the time I admit that I have never seen any of the BTTF movies? I was never a fan of MJF, so I never went to his movies.

    • Everyone has a big movie series they just weren’t into. My husband had never, ever seen It’s a Wonderful Life OR Miracle on 34th Street! I have several friends who have never seen the LOTR trilogy and I have never been interested in Harry Potter and have yet to read a book or see a film.

      I think you still would have had fun though. šŸ˜‰

  2. I only saw the first BTTF movie. How many were there?

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