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If Only Fall Would Stay

It is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year.

There’s something that feels fresh even as all the leaves and flowers are dying. I love the crunchy noise when trudging through leaves, the sweet smell of vegetation, the delicious goodness of a thick pumpkin bar topped with velvety cream cheese frosting. I love all of these things but most of all, I love the color.

Growing up in Northern WI I kicked up leaves each summer littered with bright reds and vibrant oranges. On the backdrop of the Chequamegon National Forest I was intensely spoiled in thinking this was normal for everyone except people in those crazy Southern states with palm trees and cacti.

But only a few hours South the climate of my current hometown is noticeably different. I miss the year-round fresh air but it’s most notably absent during the Fall. Instead of forests capped with a multitude of blazing trees, I find myself searching for the rare pop of color.


Since I’m still rehabbing my leg (which I am beginning to think may never, ever, ever completely heal) I am keeping my Fall walks short and sticking to areas where I can enjoy the quiet and experience those crunching leaves.

And when I’m out, I’m happy.

IMG_2324We’ve had the full array of weather the past couple of weeks with temps beautiful, sunny and warm one day only to plummet to high 30s with some actual FLURRIES the next! It definitely makes me worry that this season will blow past as quickly as the leaves turn and the wind blows them away. The days are shorter. The air holds the promise of cold and months of snow. Through this short and magical season I’m snapping pictures to fill my soul and hold me over until Spring.

IMG_2322 IMG_2330

It’s definitely bittersweet – how my favorite season is lingering on the edge, crushed by the impending tidal wave of my least favorite season. I always seem to feel depressed this time of year thinking of the months to come. Spring feels a long, long way off once the inevitable first snow sticks to the ground. Until then, I’m loving my light jacket and the rosy glow in my cheeks from that crisp wind on my face.

IMG_2312 Please Fall, stay just a little longer… Love, Me


One Response

  1. This has been a beautiful fall this year. Hope it lasts longer, too. Then winter won’t seem so…. long, unless you are a winter person.

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